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Impact Page Builder - WordPress Page Builder Plugin

A powerful WordPress page builder plugin

If you told yourself all WordPress websites look the same,  ImpactPageBuilder is here to change that myth. Make your pages look radically different. And no , you don’t have to actually code an entire theme yourself.

Let ImpactPageBuilder take care of it for you. With its ability to give the user total control over their WordPress pages, the ImpactPageBuilder plugin for WordPress has already made quite a splash in the WordPress community. This responsive WordPress page builder plugin can cure your site of theme monotony. 
The Ultimate WordPress Page Template Builder


  • Impact gives you an incredibly powerful toolkit for creating an unlimited number of Impact Templates, then assigning them to individual Pages & Posts on your WordPress sites.
  • You can use ImpactPageBuilder in your  own language. It supports multiple languages.
  • This Template Builder gives you everything you need to create attractive designs quickly and easily. Our real-time interface lets you see your template take shape before your eyes as you make adjustments. Even the code changes you make to a Template’s Custom CSS are reflected instantly.
  • Each Impact Template has 15 empty Hooks, such as ‘Before Header’, ‘After Sidebar’, ‘In Footer’, etc. You can use these to hold anything from WordPress Widgets to custom Text, HTML & JavaScript. With WordPress 3.0′s new Custom Menus feature, you can create and use Template-Specific NavBars.
  • Run an unlimited number of interlinked mini-sites with unique navigation from a single domain! Assigning a Template to Pages & Posts is a breeze, and we give you full control over an individual page’s Seach Engine Optimization tags, along with slots for page-specific Header & Footer Scripts. Any pages you don’t assign Impact Templates to will default to your site’s active Theme.

Break Free From Your WordPress Theme


Easy to use template builder

Right out of the box, Impact gives you all the tools you need to create dynamic templates for your WordPress Pages & Posts. With our real-time preview, you can watch your templates come to life as you work on them.

Impact hooks and widgets area

Each Impact Template has the potential for up to 15 Active Widget Areas! Additionally, the Impact Hooks feature allows you to insert your custom Text, HTML, CSS & JavaScript code into any one of your template’s hooks.

Total Search Engine Optimization

Impact allows for detailed page-by-page and post-by-post Search Engine Optimization. In a world where traffic is everything, SEO is the key to success. Impact has you covered.

Impact Has Limitless Potential

With the raw power and total flexibility of Impact, the possibilities are infinite. With the potential for an unlimited number of unique templates, the only limitation is your imagination.


Introductory Video

Impact Templates-

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