The Team

We are a team of Open Source enthusiasts based in Pune, India – who have been dabbling in WordPress for a few years now. WPEka (pronounced as “WP” – “Eka”) started out as a blog – a way for us to share whatever knowledge we have gained during our WordPress journey so far.

WPEka Club was launched , as part of our plan to bring all our WordPress plugins and themes under one umbrella. You have probably visited some of our individual websites like, , etc. WPEka Club is aimed at ensuring a unified customer experience to all our clients, bringing together all our individual products and providing maximum value for money.

We work very hard to make sure every sale is a success for you and welcome any feedback that can help us further improve our after-sales service at [email protected]

[title text=”Meet the team”]
[team_member name=”Shilpa” twitter=”” img=””] Shilpa handles the whole WPeka Club project. She does lots of things, right from looking for WordCamps to sponsor to planning new products! And everything in between! So say Hi and become a friend. She’s also your go-to person if you have any feedback about WPeka Club.

And whenever she manages to squeeze in some time, she writes a post or 2. [/team_member]
[team_member name=”Padmaja” img=””] Paddy (as we like to call her), has just joined the team.
She’s a hard-core techie and can code her way through all your issues.
And we expect to the take WPeka Club’s customer support to a whole new level under this sparky.

Paddy loves reading and listening to old songs. She is simply silent and efficient.
[team_member name=”Pallavi” img=”×286.jpg”] Pallavi leads support and reviews code. She’s also the one who makes sure that the release plan always works out. So, if you’re looking for any new features, she’s the best person to talk to.

She likes to read, enjoys music and loves hanging out with friends. She is one of the friendliest people in the team. So be sure to say Hi. You might have already read her responding to your interesting feature requests on the forum.
[team_member name=”Disha” img=””] Disha promotes WPeka Club. She’s the one who trolls the net and digs up awesome goodies for you! So say Hi and become a friend. Your goodie ideas are always welcome. She’s also your go-to person if you have any feedback about WPeka Club.

[team_member name=”Nishtha” img=””] Nishtha is an integral part of the WPeka Club. She’s the one who creates your account and sends you your login details.

Nishtha also works on product enhancements from time to time.

She loves trying out new dishes. You can hear her humming the latest songs too. And it’s really difficult to say what we enjoy more.

When not doing anything else, you’ll find her browsing the Internet – not particularly looking for anything.


[team_member name=”prachi” img=””] Prachi is responsible for product enhancements, bug fixing and Setup product demos. She’s the one who gives prompt replies to all your product related queries.

Prachi loves playing cricket and reading philosophical books.

She knows how to take out quality time from her busy schedule for her close friends and her darling niece!

[team_member name=”samir” img=””] Samir The Cool Dude.

He works on new product development, product enhancements and bug fixing and provides support for product related issues.

Samir spends the better part of his day wondering how to combine his two loves, loud music and photography. Well he also likes to travel and explore new places!

[team_member name=”manju” img=””]
Manju is the one who makes sure that WPeka site looks perfect all the time. She is your go-to person if you have any suggestions for our site.
She also works on bug fixing and support.
Manju loves exploring new places and always prefer playing outdoor games over cards.
She is a great painter! In her free time you will find her listening to the soft music and painting.


[team_member name=”pooja” img=””]
Pooja makes sure you stay updated with what’s new in the WPeka world – new products, updates and what-not.
Drop her a line to know about the recent updates, and she will reply in a jiffy!
She leaves no stone unturned while finding goodies for you. Any particular goodie you have been eyeing for a while now ?
Let her know and she will try her very best to get it for you !
Pooja enjoys quilling and singing ( we can vouch for that ! ) . An expert in baking, chocolate mousse is her forte. Yes, we can vouch for that too – she is nice enough to get some for us too from time to time !
Her beautiful garden is a testimony to her love for gardening.

[team_member name=”neha” img=””]
Penning rhyming couplets and doodling are Neha’s favorite things. She tries to think outside the box with every task.
She loves combining her two favourites – writing and WordPress, so yes, she enjoys writing about WordPress.


[team_member name=”rasika” img=””]
Rasika takes care of the affiliate program for the WPeka Club.
Her hobbies include swimming, playing badminton and watching wildlife documentaries. Photography and exploring new places are on her to-do list when she gets time. She loves to cook and tries to cook new dishes.

[team_member name=”kavita” img=””]
Kavita – the happy-go lucky person of WPEka Club. She takes care of look and feel of the WPEka website along with making attractive banners. She is your go-to person if you want to give any design related suggestions for our website.With a smile on her face she is always ready to help people at her best.

[team_member name=”swati” img=””]
“Swati is a nature-freak, loves travelling and capturing unforgettable memories along the way. She believes in work hard and partying harder. Swati is responsible for updating WPeka blogs. Be it any informative posts, reviews, tips related to WordPress or interviews with WordPress experts.”

[team_member name=”preeti” linkedin=”” img=””]
Although reading is Preeti’s first love; ripping apart WordPress products for testing, reviews and QA is her favorite hobby.

If you want a plugin/theme tested thoroughly for a review Preeti is the one you should get in touch with. She’ll thoroughly research & test the product to give you an in-depth & honest review.

An absolute workaholic & a nightmare for our developers because she won’t stop asking for changes/modifications before the release until she makes sure the product is of top-notch quality. She puts herself in your (our customers) shoes to test our WordPress products for any bugs, errors & modifications before we release them & creates tutorials so you can use them to their full potential with ease.

[team_member name=”rajashri” img=””]
“Rajashri enjoys exploring new places and knows how to take out time for her own space.Rajashri and her niece love to play together. Though, she stays away from home Rajashri never misses a chance to visit her hometown. Rajashri is a part of the support, development and the testing team at WPeka.”

[/team_member] [row] [col span=”1/2″] [team_member name=Yogesh img=””] I Always keep my smile on . That’s my plan for a long life- Yogesh [/team_member] [/col] [col span=”1/2″] [team_member name=Snehal img=””] Our very friendly Snehal loves accepting challenges as she believes in “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE” [/team_member] [/col] [/row] [row] [col span=”1/2″] [team_member name= Pragya img=””] [/team_member] [/col] [col span=”1/2″] [team_member name= Prasada img=””] [/team_member] [/col] [/row]