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Community Board - Community Building WordPress Plugin

A simple WordPress community plugin

Create a social network on your site & present your community with a refreshing way to interact. Community Board allows your users to share their views with the rest of the community. Build a social wall, user wall or community board.

Allow users to submit wall posts and comment or like/dislike each other’s posts. Build your own social network today.

Build a social network with Community Board


Why should you get Community Board today?


Enhance user engagement on your WordPress site by creating a social wall for your users where they can interact with each other. Create a social wall/community board on a page/post to act as forums on your site with like/dislike buttons. Read on for the list of exciting features…

Key Features:

  • Supports texts as well as images
  • Allows users to like/dislike comments
  • Lets users reply to a comment
  • Allows users to delete their posts and comments
  • Lets you decide the number of posts/comments to display on the board
  • Highly intuitive and user-friendly
  • Customizable title for the board