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Responsive Google AdSense Ready WordPress Theme For High CTR

CTRThemePlus is the most recommended Responsive Adsense Ready WordPress Theme.

Do you know, Google AdSense has guidelines and recommendations for Ad placements. And, not every WordPress theme follows or is built to place ads. But CTRThemePlus does follow all these guidelines to get you high CTR for your WordPress Site.

To get high Click Through Rates (CTR), it is recommended to use CTRThemePlus.

CTRThemePlus is the ultimate WordPress AdSense Ready Theme which will get you more Ad clicks. And, more high CTR means more income.
adsense ready wordpress theme


CTRThemePlus (for WordPress) makes it easy to build informational websites monetized with AdSense that get awesome (HIGH) click-through rates (CTR).

CTRThemePlus comes with its ad management system which allows you to display ads where you get the most eyeballs.

Let's watch how CTRThemePlus will help you:


Google AdSense provides hands-off recurring income, but usually, sites running the AdSense program leave a lot of money on the table by having bad designs or under-optimized ad placements, which is where CTRThemePlus can help.
 CTRThemePlus, one of the best Responsive AdSense Optimized WordPress themes around, makes it simple to turn almost any niche into a winner in just a few seconds.

CTR Theme Plus - A Responsive AdSense Ready WordPress Theme Features Include:

Google-Recommended Ad Placements

Google AdSense has some recommendations for ad placements for high visibility and clicks through rates. CTRThemePlus implements all the Google recommended ad placements in it.

Let CTRThemePlus the best Responsive Google AdSense WordPress Theme be your income generator.

Ad Randomization to Combat Ad Blindness

Ad randomization is the great way to combat ad blindness. Google also recommends that position of ads should be changed frequently. It will also make sure that the visitor sees a different ad every time. CTRThemePlus allows you to randomize your ads with just a click of a button.

Minimize ad blindness with CTRThemePlus.

Fully Featured Admin Panel 

CTRThemePlus has a user-friendly admin panel which reduces time in searching for specific ads like other themes. You don't have to mess around with theme files or hunting for the right plugin to place your AdSense code or even to adjust theme settings.

Super Fast Load Times 

Website load time is considered a huge ranking factor. Now, Google even displays on the SERP pages that the website is slow to load. But, you don't have to worry about it. CTRThemePlus is fully optimized for super fast loading times. This also helps in reducing bounce rates among visitors.

Automatic Ad Hiding (Based on Referrer) 

Automatic Ad Hiding allows you to block ads to users who have come from a certain domain. For affiliate sites, this is a bonus. You can block ads to who you refer.

Social Networking Integration 

Social networking is a staple these days. To promote your site social media, we have integrated social networking with CTRThemePlus. Over 13 social media platforms like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube can be integrated easily.

Google Custom Search Engine 

Do you know, Google custom search engine could also improve your AdSense money? Well, CTRThemePlus won't disappoint you there either. Using CTR Google Search widgets, you can create a custom search engine with AdSense integrated on it. Make money on AdSense on search results.

Multiple Sub-themes to Choose From

CTRThemePlus includes multiple sub-themes which you can use. All the themes are fully responsive and are designed in a way to highlight ads and to maximize click through rates. You don't have to look any further than CTRThemePlus.


CTRTheme AMP Addon

Now, display ads on your AMP pages. With the CTRTheme AMP Addon, you need to add a code simply and you will have ads on your AMP pages. Click here for more details.


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adsense ready wordpress theme


So wish to get High CTR for your WordPress Site?

CTRThemePlus Responsive Google Adsense Ready WordPress Theme is the most suitable solution for your requirements.



Version 5.5 (Released 01-03-2018)
* Ads in "Left Column" sidebar can be made sticky

Version 5.4 (Released 22-01-2018)
* Added AdBlock Detector
* Made compatible with WordPress v4.9.2
* Made compatible with PHP v7.1

Version 5.3.0 (Released 22-03-2017)
* Added new subtheme ctr-modern

Version 5.2 (Released 21-11-2016)
* Made compatible with AMP pages

Version 5.1 (Released 12-10-2016)
* Optimized subthemes for Google AdSense policies
* EOF subthemes not complaint with Google policies - powerslider, skyblue, ctr-modern, ctr-thumbnail, ctr-flexi, ctr-box.

Version 5.0 (Released 07-10-2016)
* Added new subtheme ctr-responsive

Version 4.9.1 (Released 29-09-2016)
* Fixed PHP warnings

Version 4.9 (Released 8-07-2016)
* Added feature to disable ads on mobile devices
* Fixed issue related to number of ads to display & show ads below the fold on mobile devices

Version 4.8 (Released 15-06-2016)
* Added AdSense size 728 x 15 as per google guidelines to support Link Unit Ads
* Compatible with Google Ads guidelines for mobile devices

Version 4.6 (Released 19-11-2015)
* Added new subtheme Delicious

Version 4.5 (Released 17-04-2015)
* Made textheavy sub-theme Responsive.

Version 4.4 (Released 17-04-2015)
* Made lightInfo sub-theme Responsive.

Version 4.3 (Released 15-04-2015)
* Made Cary sub-theme Responsive.

Version 4.2 (Released 10-04-2015)
* Made fresh-n-clean sub-theme Responsive.

Version 4.1 (Released 03-04-2015)
* Made blue sub-theme Responsive.

Version 4.0 (Released 03-03-2015)
* Added new subtheme CTR-Modern With Footer Sidebar,Two new widgets- Adsense Widget and Recent Post Widget,Testimonial and Latest News Section.

Version 3.9 (Released 30-01-2015)
* Replaced deprecated WordPress functions.

Version 3.8.1 (Released 28-8-2014)
* Fixed ad layout issues.

Version 3.8 (Released 30-5-2014)
* Changed look and Feel of CTR Flexi, Lightblue, Skyblue, PowerSlider and made responsive.

Version 3.7.1 (Released 02-5-2014)
* Removed debug log warnings and fixed cickbomb issue.

Version 3.7 (Released 11-4-2014)
* Changed look and Feel of CTR-Box,CTR-Rich,CTR-Slim,CTR-Thumbnail subthemes.

Version 3.6.1 (Released 3-12-2013)
* Removed activation code requirement

Version 3.6 (Released 3-9-2013)
* Added new subtheme CTR-Box With Logo Image and with Social Media Bar on Top of Header.

Version 3.5 (Released 22-7-2013)
* Added new subtheme CTR-Slim With Logo Image and Slim Header.

Version 3.4.1 (Released 09-7-2013)
* CTR-Flexi CSS issues fixed.

Version 3.4 (Released 04-7-2013)
* CSS issues fixed.

Version 3.3 (Released 01-7-2013)
* Click-Bombing bug fixes.
* Add Enable/ Disable option for Click-Bombing.

Version 3.2 (Released 25-5-2013)
* Made CTR-Rich sub-theme Responsive.

Version 3.1 (Released 21-5-2013)
* Made lightblue sub-theme Responsive.

Version 3.0 (Released 19-5-2013)
* Added new sub-theme with Thumbnail.

Version 2.1 (Released 15-5-2013)
* Integration of ClickBomb Protection Plugin to work with CTR Theme Plus.

Version 2.0 (Released 06-5-2013)
* New Responsive Sub-Theme released.

Version 1.0 (Released 05-20-2013)
* Public version released with Premium and Rich CTR Theme Plus.