CTRTheme Plus - AMP Addon

Display ads on your AMP pages now.


NOTE: CTRThemePlus AMP addon works only with CTRThemePlus WordPress theme.


This addon lets you display ads on your AMP pages easily.  Currently, it has two options to display ads – above the content and below the content.


The recommended ad sizes to display ads on AMP pages through this plugin are:

  • 320*50px
  • 300*250px
  • 320*100px


How it works?


NOTE: For this addon to work, you need to have the CTRThemePlus WordPress theme.


  • Install the Addon.
  • You’ll see a new section in your theme options called “AMP Settings”.
  • Now, paste the below code

<amp-ad width="300" height="250"


  • Use the recommended sizes ads only.
  • Replace ca-pub-xxxxx and data-ad-slot with your Adsense codes.
  • And click Save


This is how your ads will look:



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CTRTheme Plus - AMP Addon


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