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Responsive WordPress AdSense Theme For Niche Sites - HeatMap Theme Pro

HeatMap Theme Pro - Responsive WordPress AdSense Theme to increase AdSense revenue. 

What Comes in the Way of Your Big Fat Google AdSense Check?

You're right - It's Ad Blindness

Fortunately, you can beat it with HeatMapTheme.

This theme is designed to combat ad blindness and get the highest possible CTR.


HeatMap Theme Pro is one of the most popular , SEO-friendly WordPress themes out there for niche sites and Adsense. It eliminates the need of any customized coding or installation of ad plugins.

HeatMap Theme Pro - WordPress Adsense Theme is specifically designed to get a high CTR on your ads and to make sure that your content is generating highest paying ads.

Perfect for those who own Adsense blogs and Niche sites, Affiliate product review sites, Blank Canvas Squeeze Pages & Regular Websites and Blogs.

HeatMap Pro - WordPress AdSense Theme Packed with features for ads and beyond!


  • 23 Ad Ready Widget Powered Position

Experience the flexibility of 23 ad ready widget positions. HeatMap Theme gives you the power to choose your strategy and take control of your ad placement.

WordPress AdSense Theme

Flexibility to place your ads in 23 positions across your webpage.


  • ‘Laser Target’ Ad Placements

WordPress AdSense Theme

Position your ads where the visitors attention will be focused and it will not get visitor's way while navigation.

Be strategic about ad placement within the content of individual pages and posts with this WordPress AdSense theme.


  • Affiliate Product Review Features – New!

WordPress AdSense Theme


– It earns you lot of $$$ cash on commission basis by placing product banners (images) or links (text) on your website to refer users to use another company. (Affiliate Marketing)

  • Ultimate Authority Theme

WordPress AdSense Theme

- Select from 10 Properly Coded Themes that look great also support overall browser functionalities and supports the various plugins.

**New UA-OS Skins have now been released too and are included in your membership!**

  • Random Ad Rotation

WordPress AdSense Theme

– Randomize ads banner display by changing positions with each new page view. This reduces visitor blindness by stagnant ad position & catches attention.

  • Uniform Website Creator

WordPress AdSense Theme

What it does – After you have created of perfect website with theme and widgets it saves all the setting into a file. This file is imported into new blog converting immediately into identical niche website.

  • Plus loads of awesome features on Your Dashboard

WordPress AdSense Theme

Key Features Of HeatMap Pro - Google AdSense WordPress Theme :

1. SEO-Friendly Themes!

What it does – You can use internal SEO features or external third party plugin easily. It increases page visibility for google and also page ranking.

2. Social Media Share Buttons!

What it does - Adds social sharing power of Google+, Facebook, Twitter, to your website which increases engagement with visitors and creates a brand.

3. Logo & Favicon Uploader!

Mutiple file type types are supported - .ico, .png and .gif, Upload directly from options page.

4. CSS Color Tweaker

If you don't want to edit theme files, you can change exsisting colors according to your choices.

HeatMap Theme Pro - WordPress AdSense Theme is ready with strategic ad positions and lots of other optimizations to make your website more suitable for displaying ads.


HeatMap Theme Pro V5 is copyright and distributed under the GPL3 Licence.
A copy of the license should be supplied to you with this theme.

HeatMap Theme is now a part of WPeka Club. This software was earlier distributed from http://heatmaptheme.com.

Version 5.6.1 (24 Nov 2016)

* Removed deprecated functions.

Version 5.5.0 (15 May 2015)

* Fully Responsive.

Version 5.4.6 ( 10 Apr 2015)

* WordPress 3.9 compatibility fix - enqueued jquery-UI-dialog script and CSS as 3.9 no longer automatically enqueues it.

* Switching on full width featured page and hide sidebar will now give full-width home page