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Boost your Conversion Rate upto 450% by using Best WordPress Survey Plugin.

WordPress Survey & Lead Generation Plugin

“I’ve used survey funnel on my site for 8 months now, it’s been a fantastic tool to build my mailing list. Never mind that it has much higher conversion rates than my previous squeeze forms.”

Uli Iserloh – SkinnyChef

Survey Funnel helps you generate highly qualified leads on your website by:
  • Engaging visitors using simple, unobtrusive surveys
  • Understanding who your website visitors are & why they’re here
  • Showing them relevant opt-ins and offers
Stop overwhelming website visitors with opt-ins and offers. Improve lead generation by showing relevant offers using Survey Funnel.

Survey Funnel Features

Surveys with unlimited questions

Order questions based on conditional logic

Show offers based on conditional logic

Show survey on single or multiple pages

Embed survey or popup on trigger events

Trigger on exit intent or link click

Detailed reports with question level data

Works with MailChimp, Aweber & others

Works across mobiles, tablets & desktops

Why Users ❤️ Survey Funnel?


“Works with Aweber, GetResponse, icontact, MailChimp and dozens of other autoresponders services. Provides ultimate flexibility with customizable survey template graphics files.”

Evert Bal –


“Compatible with most WordPress themes and plugins. Works with Aweber, GetResponse, icontact, MailChimp and dozens of other autoresponders services. Provides ultimate flexibility with customizable survey template graphics files.”

Julio Mario

All WP Legal Pages Pro Features

  • Multi-question surveys: Capture qualified leads with multi-question surveys & call-to-action (CTA) survey forms.
  • Conditional logic: Order questions and show opt-in offers based on conditional logic.
  • Page-level targeting: Show surveys on single or multiple pages using display logic.
  • Display options: Popup surveys using triggers or embed surveys anywhere on your WordPress website using simple shortcodes.
  • Popup Triggers: Popup surveys on exit intent or image link/button clicks.
  • Detailed Reports: Powerful question-level analytics & reports.
  • Email app/CRM integration: Compatible with top email marketing apps/CRMs including MailChimp, Aweber, CampaignMonitor, and Infusionsoft.
  • Inbuilt Designer: Inbuilt designer to create surveys that match your website’s design.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with the latest version of WordPress & PHP.

Ready To Get Started?

Top marketers like Neil PatelRand Fishkin and many more know the power of surveys and exploit it to the fullest on their websites. A good survey form can increase your conversion rates to more than 400%.

In order to create an engaging survey form, you need functional survey software. Survey Funnel is one of the best and modern Survey plugins for WordPress.

Get Survey Funnel now.

Change Log

= Version 7.0 =
Added new white skin
Fixed minor bugs

  = Version 6.7 =
Fixed multiple surveys activation on same page issue
Fixed minor bugs
  = Version 6.6 =
 New Feature : To display survey as Exit Intent popup

  = Version 6.5 =   
Add New feature of auto update
Fixed Bug : Redirection link of thank you page not working

  = Version 6.4.9 =
Added New feature to allow your viewers to ask for ratings based on questions
Added an option to shuffle the answers in every survey questions

  = Version 6.4.8 =
Fixed stats issue for Multiple Choice Questions
Fixed CSS issue for image option for answers
= Version 6.4.7 =
Users now can select Image as type for answer.
Users can embed surveys on the pages with landscape mode.
Added feature to share survey links on Social media.
Fixed issue for image upload in trigger settings.
Made compatible with WordPress v4.9.1
= Version 6.4.6 = 
Made compatible with latest WordPress v4.8.2
Made compatible with PHP v7.0
Now multiple surveys can be displayed on single page/post using shortcode
= Version 6.4.5 = 
Added multiple answer selection feature with checkbox.
= Version 6.4.4 = 
Added descriptive type answer feature.
= Version 6.4.3 =
Fix integration issue.
= Version 6.4.2 =
Fix jquery issue.
= Version 6.4.1 = 
Fix notices and warnings.
= Version 6.4.0 = 
Change look and feel of all admin pages.

  = Version 6.3.7 = 
Change look and feel of admin dashboard.

  = Version 6.3.5 = 
Rewrite plugin according to best practice.

  = Version 6.3.3 =
Integrated with wp-updates for auto update notification on admin dashboard.

  = Version 6.3.2 = 
Fix minor bugs.

= Version 6.3.1 =
Fix survey question alignment isssue

= Version 6.3 =   
Fix cookie issue with survey and remove unnecessary code for survey themes

= Version 6.2.1 = 
Improved look and feel of lead generation form

= Version 6.2 =   
Fixed compatibility issues with Mailchimp Addon.

= Version 6.1 =   
Remove full version option of surveys.

= Version 6.0 =   
New theme added with 12 color schemes. Removed old themes.

= Version 5.1.3 = 
Fixed some minor issue.

= Version 5.1.2 =
New layout for black theme

= Version 5.1.1 = 
Backward compatibility with old versions for php for plugin path

= Version 5.1 =   
Enhance dashboard look and feel, Added Full Screen Survey Option.

= Version 5.0 =  
Added five more survey themes, enhance look and feel.

= Version 4.9.5 = 
Prevent css js to load on other pages in dashboard

= Version 4.9.4 = 
Minor changeschangess in Admin Panel look and feel

= Version 4.9.3 = 
Disabled discriptive and other answer by default

= Version 4.9.2 = 
Fixed Minor with conditional flow survey and allow descriptive answer

= Version 4.9.1 =
Fixed Minor issue with progress bar

= Version 4.9 =   
Added Progress Bar Feature

= Version 4.8.3 = 
Fixed the issue with Slash geting inserted while adding Question

= Version 4.8.2 = 
Enabled cookie Setting for SF Shortcode and done UI fixes

= Version 4.8.1 = 
Fix Empty Email not getting save issue and change submit button option for descriptive answer
= Version 4.8 = 
Fixed scroll issue for survey popup for WordPress 4.4

= Version 4.7.9 = 
Now survey can be setup with 'Other answer' text field with descriptive option for all the answers

= Version 4.7.8 = 
Now survey can be setup with 'Other answer' text field option for questions

= Version 4.7.7 = 
Added support for MailChimp Addon

= Version 4.7.6 = 
Redesigned backend/admin panel and added help text to plugin settings.

= Version 4.7.5 =  
Improved language compatibility to support special characters and fixed issue 
which disabled theme background color

= Version 4.7.4 = 
Fixed cloning and minor responsiveness issues. Added back cookie functionality.

= Version 4.7.3 = 
Now compatible with latest wordpress version 4.2.2

= Version 4.7.2 = 
Now it is possible specify start and end for survey.

= Version 4.7.1 = 
Fixed issue of survey not getting saved.

= Version 4.7 = 
Now it is possible to display survey only to logged in user or non-logged in user or all users.

= Version 4.6.9 = 
Improved reset button functionality in backend.

= Version 4.6.8 = 
Added back imprints display in dashboard
Bug fixed related to imprint count for slide out survey
Changed Video Link in Dashboard .

= Version 4.6.7 = 
Fixed cursor action issue in Add/Edit question dialog box (Issue with WordPress 4.1)

= Version 4.6.6 = 
Added date and time in survey export results

= Version 4.6.5 = 
Added support for Shortcode in content area

= Version 4.6.4 = 
Fixed question header issue, now it allows empty string

= Version 4.6.3 = 
Updated Result Analysis and Added with Individual result analysis feature

= Version 4.6.2 = 
Updated fancybox library

= Version 4.6.1 = 
Enabled handling of html special characters in editing of funnel question

= Version 4.6 =   
Changed Admin Panel look and feel, Added custom theme feature.

= Version 4.5.1 = 
Changed Dashboard look and feel

= Version 4.5 =   
Funnel Theme functionality added. Fix for the export feature. All deprecated 
functions have been replaced.

= Version 4.4 =   
Question Header Feature included. HTML allowed for Question field.

= Version 4.3 =   
Enhanced Export Feature to include User-Level Results

= Version 4.2 =   
Adds the user information.

= Version 4.1 =   
Fixed image editor & background issue for short code

= Version 4.0 =   
Funnel can be Embeded on Page or Post with shortcode.

= Version 3.1 =   
Get email notification after user completes survey

= Version 3.0 =   
Adds survey funnel on category pages and bug fix for lightbox in sidebar on home page

= Version 2.1.2 = 
Minor fix for WP_PLUGIN_URL_SLLSAFE and enqueued wordpress default jquery

= Version 2.1.1 = 
Fix for anomalies with WP_CONTENT_URL showing up when using WP_PLUGIN_URL_SLLSAFE fix

= Version 2.1 =
Fix for single quotes in questions and answers in surveys

= Version 2.0.10 = 
Fix for ssl, using new WP_PLUGIN_URL_SLLSAFE

= Version 2.0.9 =
Fix for delete and copy with new ajax method

= Version 2.0.8 =
Fix for multiple image triggered lightboxes conflict

= Version 2.0.7 =
Commented out $_POST['data'] = urldecode(($_POST['data']));
Added code to fix server settings with magic quotes on, for html content areas

= Version 2.0.6 = 
Changed the way admin panel uses JSON to create and save funnels

= Version 2.0.5 =
Changed my_scripts_method to my_sf_scripts_method to avoid function name collisions with other plugins

= Version 2.0.4 =
Fixes a database error from 2.0.3

= Version 2.0.3 =
Fixes an issue with putting the lightbox image in the sidebar

= Version 2.0.2 =
Fixes conflict if lightbox and tab on the same page

= Version 2.0.1 =
Fixes https on add and only restricts the javascript to just the pages where it's needed

= Version 2.0.0 =
Adds lightbox functionality

= Version 1.7.1 =
Fixed a conflict with update notifier

= Version 1.7.0 =
Fixed some javascript conflicts - such as color picker

= Version 1.6.1 =
Changed session

= Version 1.6 =
Fixed rules bug when adding question [KW]

= Version 1.5 =
Color picker fix [JB]

= Version 1.4 =
Added clone [JB]
Added delete [JB]
Fixed numbering bug [KW]
Added uninstall.php file [JB]

= Version 1.3 = 
Added css to css/styles.css to reset the radio input width to auto [JB]

= Version 1.2 Fixed bug with version 1.1 default tab code on installing new funnel [JB]

	1.1 Added default tab and custom code in survey.php for easier creation of new survey funnels [JB]

Survey Funnel


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  • Free product updates for 1 year
  • Private, priority support for 1 year
  • 20-day money back guarantee