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WP Exit PopUp - Advanced WordPress Exit Intent Popup Plugin

Everyone wants to grab their users attention, generate potential leads and promote amazing offers.

But how do you do it?

Exit popup is the answer!

PopUp gives visitors a tunneled view of anything you want to promote. It allows the website owner to showcase offers or products in a subtle manner, without any distractions. If you want to get more leads then, WP Exit PopUp is the way to go.


It allows you to create effective, customizable and responsive popups with just a few clicks. This WordPress Exit PopUp Plugin is sure shot to get more conversions and leads.


Convert each of your precious site visitors into loyal buyers using WPeka Exit PopUp

Advertising appropriate offers effectively to the appropriate target audience, can be done using WP Exit PopUp.


Attractive Offers And Promotions


Compel the User to Stay and not Irritate them!

Attractive offers and other new promotional treats can lure the customer not to leave the site and make a purchase instead. Also, due to the Built-in Exit-Intent Intelligence, the behavior of the visitors can be detected for the popup to appear.


Customize Layout


Customization at its Best

Mend the PopUp template according to the people who are most likely to visit your website. Customization of URLs, images, videos and coupon codes can be done as per the required output.


Customize Layout


Mailing List - Aweber and Mailchimp


Improve your Mailing List

Integrating with MailChimp and AWeber will lead to the easy compilation of all the visitor database for future reference.


Key Features

  • The Exit-Intent technology allows you can make the Popup appear only when the user is close to exiting your website.
  • Customize every aspect of your Popup like URL, images, coupon codes etc.
  • Least disturbance to prospects by flashing pop-ups only when they are about to exit.
  • integration with MailChimp and AWeber to improve your mailing list.