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WP Time Counter - Countdown Timer WordPress Plugin

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Let the countdown begin with this WordPress Countdown Timer Plugin

Add a stylish countdown with a single click using WP Time Counter.

WP Time Counter - Countdown plugin for WordPress

Why should you get WP Time Counter today?
Whether you want to stir up some excitement for a event or mark down an important milestone, WP Time Counter has your back with customizable count-downs/count-ups. Just create a counter & a shortcode will be automatically generated for you. Read on for the list of exciting features…

Key Features :

  • WP Time Counter works great with both posts and pages.
  • Choose from an option of 2 Count types - Count-downs or Count-Ups.
  • Automatically generated shortcode for count-down/count-up.
  • You can also choose to show up a custom message after the countdown is over.
  • Pick any of the 6 stunning skins.
WP Time Counter - Skin : Default

Skin : Default

WP Time Counter - Skin : Red

Skin : Red

WP Time Counter - Skin : White

Skin : White

WP Time Counter - Skin : Green

Skin : Green

WP Time Counter - Skin : Yellow

Skin : Yellow

WP Time Counter - Skin : Blue

Skin : Blue