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Powerful Advertising WordPress plugin to create and manage your banner ads or Google AdSense ads.


WP AdCenter is a powerful and advanced WordPress ads manager plugin that is simple and easy to use. It is capable of displaying all types of ads and it supports all popular ad networks like Google AdSense, Amazon Shopping Ads, Media.net, InfoLinks, and more. 

You can place ad scripts or host custom banner ads anywhere on your WordPress website with this plugin. Also, you can let third-party advertisers signup and host ads on your website’s ad spaces. 

Be it easy ad placements and ad network integrations to detailed reports & statistics, WP AdCenter does it all to help you monetize your website quickly and easily.

Here are some top reasons for you to choose WP AdCenter:

  • Easy interface & quick setup
  • Fast & lightweight plugin loaded with great features
  • Complete control over who, when, where, and how to show ads
  • Hassle-free monetization of website content
  • Detailed reports for analyzing & improving ads performance
  • Active & quick support from developers and experts

Amazing Features

Fully Responsive Ads

All the ads hosted by WP AdCenter are totally responsive. Be it mobiles, laptops or desktops, the ads always look good.

Fast & Lightweight

The highly optimized plugin code ensures that your website performance does not degrade in any way.

Simple User Interface

The simple user interface within the WordPress dashboard makes all aspects of ads management easy.

Place Ads Anywhere

Place ads anywhere on your website to get higher attention from users with more conversions.

All Ad Types

Show ads from all ad networks, show your custom banner ads, or host ads from third-party advertisers.

Detailed Stats & Reports

Get actionable & in-depth stats and custom reports for analyzing and optimizing ad placements.

Billing Models


Cost per Click


Cost per Thousand Impressions


Cost per Day

Payment Methods

Easy to Use With

“WP AdCenter will take care of all aspects of advertising on your WordPress powered websites. Whether you want to run your own advertising in the form of affiliate banners, Google Adsense, or any other advertising network you can think of, or you would like to offer advertising spots for sale on your site – it’s all possible with WP Adcenter.”

– Oli, Founder , Kooc Media

Other Amazing Features

Weighted & Ordered Ads

Increase or decrease the display frequency of ads and specify the order of ads display.

Google Analytics Tracking Integration

Seamlessly integrate with Google Analytics and access all the ad performance reports straight inside your Google Analytics dashboard.

User Role Ad Visibility

Hide ads from certain users based upon their role. Hide ads from website admin or shop manager, etc. to get more accurate ad performance data.

Geo Targeting

Show location based targeted ads that are visible only to the users in specific geolocation such as country, state, region, or city.

Blacklist Geolocations/IP Addresses

Stop displaying ads to the site visitors from a particular geolocation or IP addresses.

All Ad Networks

Display ads from all the popular ad networks like Adsense, Amazon Shopping Ads, Media.net, Ezoic, InfoLinks,The Moneytizer, and many more.

Third-Party Advertisers

Let third-party advertisers sign up and host ads and campaigns on your website. You can charge them a fee.

Display Content Ads

Show the ads before or after specific content to improve the ad relevance.

Custom Ad Sizes & Styles

Set and display ads with custom dimensions, alignments, and styles anywhere on your site to tackle ad blindness and boost ad visibility.

In-Feed Ads

Place ads in between the posts on your homepage or other pages. These ads offer a better user experience and monetization of the spaces inside feeds.

Schedule Ads

The ad scheduler lets you schedule displaying ads as per specified timelines with start and end dates.

Rotating Ads

Set the ads within an ad group to rotate as per a specified time interval. It minimizes ad blindness and maximizes clicks.

Ad Block Detection

Detects visitors who have enabled ad-blockers in their browsers and then requests them to disable it with a custom message.

Cloaked URL

The visitors see the original domain name and not the destination URL hence increasing the click-through rates (CTR).

Custom Email Notifications

Send ad expiry reminder emails to the advertisers before a specified amount of days, clicks, or views.

Insert Scripts

Insert custom codes like Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics Code, Javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP, or advert code in the header, body, or the footer section.

Affiliate Link Management

Manage all your affiliate links from a single dashboard. Scan and see which pages/posts have affiliate links and check their click performance.

Receive Payments

Get payments from advertisers with WooCommerce integration. Easily receive payments via Stripe, Paypal, and other payment gateways.

“WP AdCenter is an ideal WordPress advertisement management plugin for a small to medium-sized magazines or publishing websites.”

– WPMayor.com


Yes, you can easily insert ads anywhere on your website using widgets, shortcodes or blocks.

WPAdCenter WordPress ads plugin works with all ad networks that support ads via Banner Images, Videos & Javascript code. It is compatible with popular ad networks like Google AdSense, Media.net, Amazon Advertising, BuySellAds, DoubleClick (DFP), Ezoic, InfoLinks, Tradedoubler, Awin, Getyourguide, The Moneytizer, and more.

Yes, You can schedule Ads. Create your ads with a start date in the future and an appropriate end date.

Yes, you can insert the Auto Ads script either across the site or on a specific page/post where you want the ads to appear.

WP AdCenter supports all standard ad sizes, and also allows you to customize the size of banners as per your requirements. The standard ad sizes supported are: 

Square and Rectangle

200×200 – Small square

240×400 – Vertical rectangle

250×250 – Square

250×360 – Triple widescreen

300×250 – Inline rectangle

336×280 – Large rectangle

580×400 – Netboard



120×600 – Skyscraper

160×600 – Wide skyscraper

300×600 – Half-page ad

300×1050 – Portrait



468×60 – Banner

728×90 – Leaderboard

930×180 – Top banner

970×90 – Large leaderboard

970×250 – Billboard

980×120 – Panorama



120×60 – Button 1

120×90 – Button 2

125×125 – Square button



300×50 – Mobile banner 1

320×50 – Mobile banner 2

320×100 – Large mobile banner

Yes, WP AdCenter is GDPR and ePrivacy compliant. You can get explicit users consent before showing ads. The plugin does not capture or save any personal information.

Yes, WP AdCenter ad plugin allows you to show ads based on the geo location of your visitors. The plugin integrates with MaxMind to identify the geo location of your visitors.

Yes, if you are an advanced user, and understand shortcodes and PHP code, you can place ads in your template or theme using shortcodes or PHP code.

Yes, WP AdCenter ad plugin fully supports Ads.txt to combat ad fraud.

Yes, WP AdCenter has extensive developer and user documentation. Here is a link to the documentation:


Change Log

== Version 5.3.1 (Released on 30-11-2021) ==
- Fix: Encoding fixes when rendering content ads and text ads.

== Version 5.3.0 (Released on 20-10-2021) ==
- Feature: Added custom categories to affiliate links.
- Feature: Export daily, weekly, or monthly affiliate custom reports.
- Update: Improved custom affiliate reports page.

== Version 5.2.4 (Released on 28-09-2021) ==
- Feature: Added email notifications for ad reports.
- Feature: Click fraud protection to avoid click bombing.
- Feature: Import and export affiliate links through csv files.

== Version 5.2.3 (Released on 31-08-2021) ==
- Feature: Users can now create AB tests for different ads and view AB test reports.

== Version 5.2.2 (Released on 03-08-2021) ==
- Feature: In-feed ads.
- Update: WordPress 5.8 compatibility.

== Version 5.2.1 (Released on 18-07-2021) ==
- Feature: Affiliate link and addon management
- Feature : Dynamic ads with animation effects

== Version 5.2.0 (Released on 24-06-2021) ==
- Feature: Allows users to store users clicks and views impressions in Google Analytics account.
- Feature: Allows users to create custom ad sizes for ads to be displayed on the frontend.
- Feature: URL cloaking.

== Version 5.1.0 (Released on 26-05-2021) ==
- Feature: E-mail notification CPD, CPC, CPM.
- Feature: Content ads.
- Feature: Weighted ads.

== Version 5.0.1 (Released on 03-05-2021) ==
- Feature: Enable geo targeting to display ads in specific countries and/or cities.
- Feature: Display ads as per user roles.
- Feature: Display ordered ads.
- Feature: Third-party advertiser signup. (WooCommerce Payment integration)
- Feature: Multilingual Support.

== Version 5.0.0 (Released on 17-04-2021) ==
- Feature: Plugin rewrite.

== Version 4.1.0 (Released on 17-08-2020) ==
- Feature: Adsense Importer.
- Update: Added MaxMind GeoIP Library integration for geo-targeting.
- Update: Spanish translation.

== Version 4.0.3 (Released on 10-06-2020) ==
- Update: French translation.
- Fix: Usability.

== Version 4.0.2 (Released on 29-05-2020) ==
- Feature: Added feature to delete older statistics data.
- Update: Added Support link on API Activation error notice.

== Version 4.0.1 (Released on 07-05-2020) ==
- Update: WordPress 5.4.1 compatibility.
- Fix: Database tables creation issue on plugin activation.

== Version 4.0.0 (Released on 21-04-2020) ==
- Feature: Plugin rewrite.

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