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Build a Professional Auctions Site in minutes


WPAuctionSoftware the most powerful Auction Software application in the world. It is designed to build a WordPress auctions site in the shortest possible time.


It is an intuitive and responsive WordPress auction plugin and is the most affordable and reliable auction software provider.


Host Auctions on your site. Sell your products or let others sell their products and earn commission.


best wordpress auctions plugin


WPAuctionSoftware Plugin - Features


Sell Items

Users can sell items in eBay style auctions. They simply register, login and list their items and because it's PayPal ready, they can pay for their listing and you take your percentage.


Digital Downloads 

With WPAuctionSoftware, sellers can make digital products available with a download link through the dashboard directly.


Multisite Compatible

You can work with WPAuctionSoftware across your entire multisite network.


Buy Items

Not only can users sell items in the eBay style auctions, they can buy other items as well.


Standard Auctions

Run standard auctions. Your users can sell an item as a Standard Auction or list their item at a Fixed Price. You can also run a Penny Auction Site.



Besides being PayPal ready, we now have Authorize.net integrated into the auction software. You can use either PayPal or Authorize.net.


SEO Friendly URL's

With version 2.7, all the links are now SEO Friendly. Also, any time a new listing is created, the title of the listing is now SEO Friendly.


Penny Auctions

Penny Auctions are very profitable and now you can run your own Penny Auction website. This allows you to charge for bids on auction listings. Users must fund their account before they can bid on Penny Auction listings.


Internal Invoicing

When a Seller sells an item then the Buyer who wins the item is automatically sent an invoice and that invoice includes the Sellers Paypal information. The invoice also includes the link for payment via PayPal.


Internal Email

Your users can email each other with our enhanced Internal Email system. All the features you need in an Internal Email System.


Seller Paypal Integration


Before a User can submit a listing, they have to enter their PayPal email address. This ensures that proper invoicing is sent to the Buyer of their products. It's all integrated and is a 4 step process.


Category Search

Users can drill through the Categories searching for specific items in the auction listings.


Advanced Search

Your users can search via a keyword search or drill down through the categories. They can also use a Tag Search.


Tag Search

Users can browse via the most used keywords (Tags) on the auction. A click of that Tag will show all the auctions that have those Tags (Keywords) in them.



Your embedded auctions will have a responsive layout.


Featured Listings

Users can pay for Featured Listings where their listings will be featured on the main page of the auction site. These are the first auction listings that appear when you go to your auction site.


Sidebar Featured

Your users can also pay to have their auction listing appear on the sidebar of the site. You can see this in the demo. This can be turned off/on via the Admin Area.


Fixed Price Listings

Sell items at a fixed prices. With fixed price listings earn get consistent and worthwhile sales.

Stripe Addon

Stripe addon is now available for WPAuctionSoftware Plugin. Besides being PayPal & Authorize.net ready, WPAuctionSoftware can now support Stripe payments too.


Features of Stripe Addon:

  • Processes credit cards without sending clients to another site
  • Allows you to accept payments from customers anywhere in the world
  • Secure interaction with Stripe servers keeps your customers’ data safe
  • Seamless checkout experience within your own site; means increased conversions & sales

Proxy Bidding

With this addon you can now bid on two or more items being sold around the same time. Proxy bidding makes bidding an online auction easier and less time consuming for buyers.


Features of Proxy Bidding:

  • Allows automated bidding: Proxy bidding addon allows users to make an absentee while the bidding process is going on. The user does not have to keep bidding by himself as it will be done by an automated system
  • Saves Your Time: It saves lot of time by playing a vital role of proxy bidder. Proxies do the bidding on your behalf once the amount is fixed
  • Saves Your Money: The proxy bidding can save your money which you may have otherwise lost in the usual online auction



Version 5.6.6 (22 December 2016)
Added: Integrated with wp-updates for auto update notification on admin dashboard
Updated: Made WPAuctionSoftware Plugin responsive
Fixed: Solved pagination issue on homepage
Fixed: Changed button text "Invoice Sent" to "Submit"
Updated: Made Compatible with WordPress 4.7
Updated: New and improved auctions layout

Version 5.6.2 (28 October 2016)
Updated: Compatibility with PHP 7.0
Added: Minimum bid increment field per auction

Version 5.6.0 (16 September 2016)
Updated: Changed look and feel of timer

Version (4 February 2016)
Fixed: Issue with sidebar
Added: Import auctions feature

Version 5.5.8 (14 January 2016)
Added: Email template for bid notification

Version 5.5.7 (19 November 2015)
Added: Relisting option for sold items

Version 5.5.6 (6 August 2015)
Updated: Made compatible for proxy bidding addon
Updated: Home page made responsive

Version 5.5.5 (20 July 2015)
Updated: Made compatible for multiple payment gateways
Added: Multi-language support added, WP Auction can be setup in multiple languages
Updated: Redesigned backend/admin panel
Added: Help text to plugin settings

Version 5.5.3 (29 May 2015)
Fixed: Bugs related to date pop-pup at backend and Fatal error while placing Bid on Penny auction at frontend
Updated: Look and feel of frontend and backend of the plugin

Version 5.5.1 (10 April 2015)
Fixed: Bug Fix for auctions/items not showing in PHP version 5.5 (No data found)

Version 5.5 (5 March 2015)
Added: Ability to increase the Auction End Time to Prevent Auction Bid Sniping 

Version 5.4 (13 February 2015)
Updated: WPAuctionSoftware uses WordPress cron job. No need to setup server cron job.

Version 5.3 (30 January 2015)
Updated: Special characters can be used
Added: Enable/disable visibility of reserve price

Version 5.1 (19 December 2014)
Added: Option to set start date and time and end date of auctions

Version 4.0 (19 September 2014)
Added: Option to enable delivery of digital products from dashboard

Version 3.0 (25 July 2014)
Updated: WordPress Multisite Compatibility. Auction Network Sites can be created.
Updated: FancyBox Library updated to latest version

Version 2.8 (13 June 2013)
Added: Option to activate Penny Only type of Auctions
Updated: Large files handling function useful for Digital Goods and Items Auction Setup
Added: SEO Friendly Permalinks for all menu items & new auction listings
Added: Penny Auction Feature 
Updated: Performance optimization for faster loading of Auction Pages
Added: Authorize.net Payment Processor introduced in WP Auction Plugin

Version 2.5 (05 April 2013)
Deprecated: Improved HTML5 compatibility with some WordPress Themes
Added: Admin Only Ads that allows only the admin to post ads and lets all registered users bid on the admin items
Added: New Featured Category and Featured Ads listing at the top of the Auctions page
Updated: Paypal Auction Email ID Optional to submit a listing.

Version 2.3 (23 May 2012)
Added: Internal Payment Invoice System introduced into the Plugin.

Installation of WordPress Auction Plugin

You must have WordPress installed before you can install the WordPress Auction Plugin. If you do not then you can download it for free at wordpress.org. Also make sure that you have set your WordPress Permalinks to Day and Name or Month and Name by going to Settings > Permalinks.

    1. By reading this you probably have unzipped wpauctionplugin.zip and have few more zips. One is mam_auction.zip. That is your auction plugin. The other is the theme called response.zip.
    2. Login to your WP Admin, then go to Plugins and then Add Plugin. Then click on Upload and browse for the mam_auction.zip file and install it and activate it.
    3. Also, you will need to install one required plugin and then two optional plugins.
Required Plugins:

AmberPanther WP Include File

(Just do a search in the WP Admin, Plugins area for "Includes" and you should see that plugin come up. Install that plugin.

Optional Plugins:

I recommend installing these two optional plugins.

      1. Sidebar Login – This allows you to add a sidebar widget with quick links to Home, and quick links to things like New Listings, Most Active and Ending Soon.
      2. Peters Login Redirect – This allows your members to be redirected to the auction page once they login.
    1. Go to your WP Admin area and create a page. This is the page that you want the auction to appear on. Then copy the below code to it. This code will show the auction site on that page.


    1. If you are going to use the Sidebar Login Plugin then go to Widgets and drag the Sidebar Login widget to your sidebar and uncheck the "Show Logged In Avatar". If you want custom links for it then you'll need to use this format. Just replace domain.com with yours.
[box type="shadow"]Home | http://www.domain.comNew Listings | http://www.domain.com/?pid=12Most Active | http://www.domain.com/?pid=13Ending Soon | http://www.domain.com/?pid=14

Logout | %logout_url% [/box]

Also, you will want to put your Login Redirect and Logout Redirect URL's in the boxes above. Most people will just put the login redirect to the auction page and logout to the home page. Some people have the auction page come up on the first page. You can do that by creating the auction page then go to WP Admin > Settings > Reading and tell it which page you want to come up first. Be sure to put your Blogs (Posts) on the blog page. You have to create that page first if you haven't done so already.
    1. If you want to use the Quick Search Widget, then go to Appearance > Widgets and drag the MAM Auction Quick Search Widget to the Sidebar. I would put the Guest Search Widget under the Sidebar Login Widget.

Also, if you want to use the Featured Sidebar Widget, then drag the MAM Auction Featured Listing Widget to the sidebar as well. I would put it under the Quick Search widget but it's up to you.

    1. If you are going to use the plugin called Peters Login Redirect then you can set it up to redirect all members to the auction page. Go to WP Admin > Settings > Login/Logout Redirect. By default all new users are “Subscribers” so you can redirect all Subscribers to the auction page and yes, it's the same login/logout as the Sidebar Login Redirect. You want them both.
    2. You will need to setup a Cron Job that runs every 15 minutes. You can do this via your hosting company. This ensures that all the auctions will start and end properly. Below is the link that you want to use in your cron job. You will need to change domain.com to your domain and use your own path to the file.

php -q /public_html/domain.com/auction-demo/wp-content/plugins/mam_auction/cron_job.php

  1. All the photos from your users auctions will need to be stored in a folder called mam-photos so be sure to create that folder under /wp-content/uploads/ and also set the folder permission to 777.

For more detail click here