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WordPress Auction Plugin To Create Best Penny Auction Websites

WPAuctionSoftware is one of the most powerful and responsive WordPress auction plugin which can be used to build a complete auction website. If you want to sell your own items, make money by helping others sell their items, or list projects and invite bids. It's the right solution you are looking for! You can build an Advanced Auction Website for any type of business.

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Top Features

eBay style auctions

Setup an eBay style auction website on WordPress with responsive design. Make money by charging a fixed price for each listing submitted. You have the ability to auto approve or manually approve all the visitors in exchange for either a fixed listing fee or some % of the sales.

Penny Auctions

WPAucion will help you set up a penny auction. Setup a nominal or specific change for bids on auction listings. Visitors can maintain a credit balance or pay before they can bid on Penny Auction Listings.

Internal invoicing

Whenever a seller has sold something successfully, the buyer who has won the item will receive an auto-generated invoice. The invoice contains all the payment terms and link for completing the payment. The entire process is automatic and super simple to follow.


Featured listing

You will also have an ability to set up a featured listing of items. The items are placed on the main page of the WordPress auction website for maximum visibility. These are a great way to showcase and generate views for listings.

PayPal & Authorize.net integration

Apart from Stripe integration, WPAuctionSoftware is also fully compatible with PayPal and Authorize.net for hassle-free transactions. Just set up your account and start selling.


  • Fully responsive
  • eBay style auctions
  • Make online auctions easier with Proxy Bidding
  • Sell digital items - eBooks, Music, Videos
  • Make money with each bid - Like Penny Auctions
  • Schedule auctions on time of your choice
  • Security - Only registered users can bid
  • Supports Stripe Addon
  • Search by keyword



You can build an Advanced Auction Website for any type of business.


WPAuctionSoftware - Responsive WordPress Auction Plugin, comes with a lot of features and one of the most important features is the ability to embed auctions into a page of your WordPress site.


WordPress Auction Plugin


It's a complete Responsive WordPress Auction Plugin, which can be used for a whole range of Bidding or Auction Sites.


What can you do with the most popular Auction Plugin designed for WordPress?

  • Setup a Bidding Marketplace Like eBay
  • Sell your own Products
  • Make money with each bid - Like Penny Auctions
  • Make money by charging a fixed price for each listing submitted
  • Charge a commission for each successful sale by other sellers
  • Works with Popular Payment Gateways - Get money automatically for successful bids or new listings.
  • Charge for promoting the auctions - With premium views like Featured Auctions, Side View on all auction pages, you can charge the Auction Submitter a Fixed Fee
  • Development Services Available: WPEka Developers can modify the Plugin as per your Theme Layouts. Have your features implemented or get an entire setup done. Contact WPEka Support For Customization or Full Setup

You can use this WordPress Auction Plugin for creating WordPress Auction sites like:

  1. Car Auction
  2. Property Auctions
  3. Art Auctions
  4. and more!


A Complete list of WordPress Auction Plugin Features:

Easily Sell Items

Your visitors can sell items in eBay style auctions. They simply register, you can auto approve or manually approve them. They can list their items. You can charge a listing fee or % of Sale.


Digital Downloads 

Sell Digital Items like Music, eBooks, Videos and more. Sellers can make digital products available with a download link through the dashboard directly.


Multisite Compatible

You can work with WordPress Auction Plugin across your entire multisite network.


Buy Items

Not only can users sell items in the eBay style auctions, they can buy other items as well.


Standard Auctions

Run standard auctions. Your users can sell an item as a Standard Auction or list their item at a Fixed Price. You can also run a Penny Auction Site.


Payment Gateways

Works with PayPal, Authorize.net and Stripe. Just setup your accounts and start selling.


SEO Friendly URL's

All the Auction Item Pages and Links are search engine optimized.


Penny Auctions

Run your own Penny Auction website. This allows you specify a nominal charge for bids on auction listings. Users can maintain a credit balance or pay before they can bid on Penny Auction listings.


Internal Invoicing

When a Seller successfully sells an item, the Buyer who wins the item is automatically sent an invoice and that invoice includes the Payment Terms and link for completing the Payment.


Internal Communication System

Buyer and Seller can contact using the built in Communication system. You can enable this for enhanced communication between the users.


Seller Paypal Integration


Before a User can submit a listing, they have to enter their PayPal email address. This ensures that proper invoicing is sent to the Buyer of their products. It's all integrated and is a 4 step process.


Category Search


Users can drill through the Categories searching for specific items in the auction listings.


Advanced Search

Your users can search via a keyword search or drill down through the categories. They can also use a Tag Search.


Tag Search

Users can browse via the most used keywords (Tags) on the auction. A click of that Tag will show all the auctions that have those Tags (Keywords) in them.



Your embedded auctions will have a responsive layout.


Featured Listings

Users can pay for Featured Listings where their listings will be featured on the main page of the WordPress auction site. These are the first auction listings that appear when you go to your auction site.


Sidebar Featured

Your users can also pay to have their auction listing appear on the sidebar of the site. You can see this in the demo. This can be turned off/on via the Admin Area.

Fixed Price Listings

Sell items at a fixed prices. With fixed price listings earn get consistent and worthwhile sales.


WordPress Auction Plugin makes sure that only registered users can bid.

Stripe Addon

Stripe addon is now available for WPAuctionSoftware Plugin. Besides being PayPal & Authorize.net ready, WPAuctionSoftware can now support Stripe payments too.


Features of Stripe Addon:

  • Processes credit cards without sending clients to another site
  • Allows you to accept payments from customers anywhere in the world
  • Secure interaction with Stripe servers keeps your customers’ data safe
  • Seamless checkout experience within your own site; means increased conversions & sales

Proxy Bidding

With this addon, you can now bid on two or more items being sold around the same time. Proxy bidding makes bidding an online auction easier and less time consuming for buyers.


Features of Proxy Bidding:

  • Allows automated bidding: Proxy bidding addon allows users to make an absentee while the bidding process is going on. The user does not have to keep bidding by himself as it will be done by an automated system
  • Saves Your Time: It saves a lot of time by playing a vital role of a proxy bidder. Proxies do the bidding on your behalf once the amount is fixed
  • Saves Your Money: The proxy bidding can save your money which you may have otherwise lost in the usual online auction


+Version 5.12 (12-02-2019)
- Fixed payment issue for auctions

+Version 5.11 (28-11-2018)
- Added settings in the theme customizer to customize the auction listing template.

+Version 5.10 (26-09-2018)
- Fixed UI issues of auction page for default WordPress themes

+Version 5.9 (21-06-2018)
-Added new feature of the auto update

+Version 5.8.1 (11-4-2018)
-Added a new template to list auctions based on the status.
-Minor UI changes for auction details page.

+Version 5.8 (24-10-2017)
- Added a button to refresh the auction bidding page to get the latest updates about bids

+Version 5.7.5 (30-09-2017)
- Made compatible with WordPress v4.8.2 and PHP v7.0
- Fixed bug - "Edit" button not displayed on list of auctions on frontend
- Fixed bug - Email placeholders were missing in the Winner Email Notification

Version 5.7.4 (30-08-2017)
- Made compatible with WordPress v4.8.1

Version 5.7.3 (16-06-2017)
- Optimized plugin.
- Fixed resource loading on SSL servers.

Version 5.6.9 (08-Feb-2017)
- Fixed: issue of sending mail to admin and bidders

Version 5.6.8 (6-Feb 2017)
- Added: User can set auction's price up to 2 decimals
- Fixed: Minor bugs

Version 5.6.7 (18-Januarly 2017)
- Check if WordPress user registration is enabled or not
- Fix minor look and feel changes

Version 5.6.6 (22 December 2016)
Added: Integrated with wp-updates for auto update notification on admin dashboard
Updated: WordPress Auction Plugin is now responsive
Fixed: Solved pagination issue on homepage
Fixed: Changed button text "Invoice Sent" to "Submit"
Updated: Made Compatible with WordPress 4.7
Updated: New and improved auctions layout

Version 5.6.2 (28 October 2016)
Updated: Compatibility with PHP 7.0
Added: Minimum bid increment field per auction

Version 5.6.0 (16 September 2016)
Updated: Changed look and feel of timer

Version (4 February 2016)
Fixed: Issue with sidebar
Added: Import auctions feature

Version 5.5.8 (14 January 2016)
Added: Email template for bid notification

Version 5.5.7 (19 November 2015)
Added: Relisting option for sold items

Version 5.5.6 (6 August 2015)
Updated: Made compatible for proxy bidding addon
Updated: Home page made responsive

Version 5.5.5 (20 July 2015)
Updated: Made compatible with multiple payment gateways
Added: Multi-language support added, WP Auction can be setup in multiple languages
Updated: Redesigned backend/admin panel
Added: Help text to Plugin settings

Version 5.5.3 (29 May 2015)
Fixed: Bugs related to date pop-pup at backend and Fatal error while placing Bid on Penny auction at frontend
Updated: Look and feel of frontend and backend of the Plugin

Version 5.5.1 (10 April 2015)
Fixed: Bug Fix for auctions/items not showing in PHP version 5.5 (No data found)

Version 5.5 (5 March 2015)
Added: Ability to increase the Auction End Time to Prevent Auction Bid Sniping

Version 5.4 (13 February 2015)
Updated: WPAuctionSoftware uses WordPress cron job. No need to setup server cron job.

Version 5.3 (30 January 2015)
Updated: Special characters can be used
Added: Enable/disable visibility of reserve price

Version 5.1 (19 December 2014)
Added: Option to set start date and time and end date of auctions

Version 4.0 (19 September 2014)
Added: Option to enable delivery of digital products from dashboard

Version 3.0 (25 July 2014)
Updated: WordPress Multisite Compatibility. Auction Network Sites can be created.
Updated: FancyBox Library updated to latest version

Version 2.8 (13 June 2013)
Added: Option to activate Penny Only type of Auctions
Updated: Large files handling function useful for Digital Goods and Items Auction Setup
Added: SEO Friendly Permalinks for all menu items & new auction listings
Added: Penny Auction Feature for WordPress Auction Plugin
Updated: Performance optimization for faster loading of Auction Pages
Added: Authorize.net Payment Processor introduced in WP Auction Plugin

Version 2.5 (05 April 2013)
Deprecated: Improved HTML5 compatibility with some WordPress Themes
Added: Admin Only Ads that allows only the admin to post ads and lets all registered users bid on the admin itemshttp://demo.wpeka.com/wp-raffle/
Added: New Featured Category and Featured Ads listing at the top of the Auctions page
Updated: Paypal Auction Email ID Optional to submit a listing.

Version 2.3 (23 May 2012)
Added: Internal Payment Invoice System introduced into the Plugin.

Create your own auction website like eBay with the best WordPress Auction Plugin - WPAuction Software