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Responsive Photo Collage Plugin For WordPress - Collage Maker

Collage Maker - WordPress collage plugin

Collage Maker WordPress Plugin is responsive as well as an easy to use plugin for all your collage generating requirements.


It automatically generates cool looking photo collage.


In Collage Maker WordPress Plugin provides Advanced options to choose image sources from WordPress gallery, uploaded media or external sources like Pinterest. Also, integrates with popular WordPress Gallery Management Plugins like NextGen Gallery plugin. Customize animation effects with advanced shortcodes integrated with WordPress Editor.


Complete list of Responsive Photo Collage Maker WordPress Plugin

Awe-Inspiring Responsive Image Collages

Mix and create images that will be remembered forever by your visitors. Add collage to posts, pages or any custom post types that are mobile-friendly.

collage maker wordpress plugin



Advanced Customization Options

Multiple collage themes to blend with any site. Adjust dimensions like height, width, columns, rows to align with your content. Use random styles to surprise your visitors.
collage maker wordpress plugin


Choose From External Sources

You can easily integrate with external sources like Pinterest. Just specify the URL of your Pinterest Page and collage maker will fetch the images for you.

Pinterest as External Source


Advanced Shortcodes For Customization

With multiple shortcodes, you can pass parameters to make the collage look the way you want. Ready to use tags available to embed in existing theme templates.
Advanced Short Codes for Customization


Drag-and-drop Mosiac

Users can play with images and re-arrange them on their post editor.

collage maker wordpress plugin


Animations and CSS effects

Apply animations and CSS effects to give extra effects to your collages. Add lazy loading or quick loading effects. Have them open in lightbox to view full images and scroll to see more.

Animation and CSS Effect



  • Create a Tiled Image Gallery / Tiled Mosaic Collage or a Random-styled Collage
  • Set dimensions like height, width, etc. or have it fixed to align with your theme or let it be entirely random
  • Configure Collage with Advanced Admin Options
  • Shortcodes to pass parameters to each Collage
  • Use collages within your theme template. Ready to use tags to embed in existing theme templates
  • Put collage on your sidebar – Easily enable Collages on your sidebars or any other Widget Areas
  • Choose number of columns to show your images or randomize
  • Configure links for each collage picture. Have them open in lightboxes
  • Have your visitors play with the collages. Drag/drop options for your bloggers to arrange the collage pictures
  • CSS3 animations, light-weight and fast loading/animations
  • Integrated help. With quick tips and help documentation within the Admin area



Version 1.5.2 (13-Jan-2016)
  * Fixed css and js loading issue
  * Integrated with wp-update for auto updates of the plugin

Version 1.5.1 (10-Nov-2016)
  * Removed Wpeka Login Form

Version 1.5 (12-July-2016)
 * Added feature to disable rendom spreading for Nextgen collage Plugin
 * Changed Nextgen gallery plugin collage shortcode to [collagemakerngg nggid="*"]

Version 1.4.3 (12-July-2016)
 * Fixed minor issue

Version 1.4.2 (25-June-2016)
 * Include css/js if shortcodes are being used

Version 1.4.1 (20-June-2016)
 * Fixed minor issue to include css/js

Version 1.4 (13-April-2016)
 * Added Shortcode Poppup Form for Collage maker.
 * Added Pinterest source for gallery.

Version 1.3 (15-Oct-2015)
 * Used WordPress standard method to make it platform independent

Version 1.2 (30-July-2015)
 * Changed look & feel of backend settings

Version 1.1 (05-Jun-2015)
 * Added auto upgrade feature
 * Fixed menu issues with WordPress multisite

Version 1.0 (28-Feb-2014)
 * Initial version