WP GDPR Cookie Consent

A WordPress GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin

GDPR Cookie Consent WordPress Plugin

Worried that your website doesn’t comply with the GDPR cookie consent policy?

You should be.

Businesses that are not GDPR compliant can face large fines. These fines can be up to 4% of the company’s annual revenue or €20 million (whichever is more).

How does the WP GDPR Cookie Consent plugin help?

If you run a WordPress website, the WP GDPR Cookie Consent plugin helps you comply with the GDPR cookie policy in the following ways:

Save hours of effort: One-click scan to detect cookies on your website. Ready-to-use cookie data including name, domain, purpose, and expiry.

Up to date cookie database: Keep your cookies up to date with our continually updated database of known cookies.

No cookie left behind: Easily edit custom cookie names, domains, purpose, and expiry when no data is available.

Geo-targeting: Option to enable or disable GDPR functionalities based on customer location – automated geolocation service makes it possible for you to hide the cookie consent for users outside the European Union.

Get granular consent: Give users the choice to consent-based on cookie category – necessary, marketing, analytics, preferences and unclassified.

Consent log: Automatically save user consent log including IP address of the user, consent date and what cookies the user has consented to. Also, has the feature to export the cookie consent log as a CSV file.

Match website style: Create subtle or loud consent banners to match your website with customizable colors and button styles.

Developer hooks: Javascript hooks for developers to prevent third-party scripts from loading based on user consent. For example, if a user doesn’t consent to ‘Analytics’ category cookies, you can prevent the Google Analytics scripts from loading in this hook. Hooks are triggered:

  • When the cookie consent banner loads.
  • When the user accepts the use of cookies.
  • And, when the user rejects the use of cookies.

Start complying with GDPR cookie policy. Get the WP GDPR Cookie Consent plugin now.

NOTE: Installing the plugin does not guarantee compliance. Since each website uses its own set of cookies, you may need to have the necessary configuration in place.


Q. Will my website become GDPR compliant after installing the plugin?

A. Cookie consent is just one aspect of GDPR. Installing the plugin does not guarantee compliance. You’ll still need to implement other aspects of the GDPR regulation.

Q. Will I have to add all the cookies manually?

A. No. The WP GDPR Cookie Consent plugin has a one-click scanner, that’ll scan your website for all the cookies. It’ll also pre-populate cookie information for known cookies.

Q. Can I change the information on the scanned cookies?

A. Yes. You can edit the information on your website’s cookies. You can edit the cookie category and purpose.

Q. How can I continue receiving support & updates after a year?

A. You can continue receiving support and updates by renewing your license. Even if you decide not to renew your license, you can continue using the plugin.

Q. Do visitors now have to accept/reject cookies in order to use websites?

No. Only the ‘necessary’ cookies will be loaded until the user gives consent.

WP GDPR Cookie Consent


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  • 30-day money back guarantee