Questions and Answers WordPress Plugin.

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Top Features
Questions and Answers WordPress Plugin

Questions listing page

Multiple collage themes to blend with any site. Adjust dimensions like height, width, columns, rows to align with your content. Use random styles to surprise your visitors.

Question Form

Allow users to ask questions using question form. Users can set the title of the question, add a detailed description with HTML or Markdown, set keywords for the questions to help find/search the question quickly, assign a category to the question.

Questions and Answers WordPress Plugin
WordPress answer plugin

Answer Feature

In WP Answers-, users can submit an answer in text, HTML and Markdown formats. Once the administrator approves the user, he/she can post answers to any questions.


Voting is one of the key features when it comes to questions and answers WordPress plugin. It helps users know which answers are right and which not. This Questions and Answers WordPress Plugin provides users the capability to upvote or downvote any answer which makes a big difference in Q and A forums.

upvote the answer
Best answer choose

Pick Best Answer

The best answer is a feature which can be used by the owner of the question. He can choose the best answer for the question and help other readers find the right answer quickly.

Email Notifications

WP-Answers supports email notifications. Whenever a user posts a new question, an email is sent to the administrator. Whenever an answer is posted, the owner of the question and admin receives mail. It also allows you to add custom HTML mail templates to be added, so you can send whatever you want.

inform update in Questions and Answers WordPress Plugin
stop spam through Questions and Answers WordPress Plugin

Spam Moderation tools

Everyone hates spams, and we do too. That’s why we have integrated moderation tools with this WordPress question and answer plugin. To avoid spam, you can use reCaptcha in Question and Answer form. Question approval to avoid spammers. Users’ emails are also verified for preventing fake registrations..

Responsive WP Answers Theme

WP-Answers comes with it’s on the theme out of the box. This theme is specially designed to cater to questions and answers to WordPress sites. WP-Answers Theme has all the features you would require a build a beautiful and responsive WordPress site. You have the choice to use the theme. WP-Answers works with any WordPress theme.

WordPress question answer plugin
WordPress question answer plugin

Reward Points

Reward your users for using reward points and encourage them. Set reward points from the admin dashboard of the plugin. By using this Questions and Answers WordPress Plugin you can also deduct points when the user posts a question. WP-Answers has a complete reward point system embedded into it.

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Features Of Wp-Answers – WordPress Questions and Answers Plugin:

WP-Answers infographic

Best Questions and Answers WordPress Plugin for beginners

WP Answers is certainly the best Q and A plugin for beginners. WP Answers fetches content from StackOverflow for starters, so as to keep your visitors engaged.

It has a straightforward and user-friendly dashboard from where you can easily create a Q and A website.

Social Integration for viral growth

Users can easily signup using Facebook or Twitter or Google+ and auto-post their Questions / Answers to their social accounts.

Multi-site compatible

WP Answers can be used on a multi-site network. You won’t find this feature in any other questions and answers WordPress plugin


Add-on Modules:

  • PayPal Payments: Your Question & Answer site will earn money. We have integrated PayPal with the plugin, so if you want to charge people to post a question, you can do so by using this Questions and Answers WordPress Plugin.
  • User Levels: With user-level control, you can set which type of user can do what. You can set who can comment, answer or questions on your site. You decide who can respond to questions with the help of user levels.

WP-Answers: Questions and Answers WordPress Plugin list

  • One questions listing page
  • Question form
  • Answers feature
  • Fully loaded reward system
  • WYSIWYG editing for questions and answers
  • Voting system for answers
  • Best answer functionality
  • Email notifications
  • Built-in moderation and spam tools
  • User profiles and roles
  • Answers posted for a question
  • PayPal integration with add-on
  • Social login using Facebook, Google+ and Twitter
  • Search functionality
  • Assign category to question
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Version 5.7 (14-Sept-2018)
- Fixed Bug - Votes not working for answers
- Fixed bug - Logout option added on login page

Version 5.6 (19-July-2018)
- New Feature - BuddyPress Sync with user Profile
- Fixed bug - email notification not working

Version 5.5 (15-June-2018)
-Added new feature of auto updation of the plugin
- Made compatible with PHP v7.1

Version 5.4.3 (26-February-2018)
-Added new widget to show total number of questions asked
-Users can now report a question
-Voting up or down an answer made easy

Version 5.4.2 (02-February-2018)
- Improved UI
- Improved pagination for questions
- Created a new login page with shortcode
- Added tabs for login and signup
- Fixed issues with search

Version 5.4.1 (13-December-2017)
- Added sorting funtionality for questions based on popularity and date
- Improved UI for views, votes and questions
- AJAX Pagination for question list

Version 5.4 (10-August-2017)
- Added views and voting feature for questions
- Fixed minor errors

Version 5.3.3 (04-April-2017)
- Fix look and feel issues.

Version 5.3.2 (17-November-2016)
- Signup and mobile look and feel issue fixed.

Version 5.3 (19-September-2016)
- Featured Question functionality is added.

Version 5.2 (22-August-2016)
- Set category to questions, posted through Stack Exchange API.

Version 5.1 (4-May-2016)
- New feature - Configure email notification to all Administrators when Question/Answer is submitted

Version 5.0.2 (28-April-2016)
- Made compatible with WordPress 4.5

Version 5.0.1 (16-April-2016)
- Fixed minor issue with submit question

Version 5.0 (22-March-2016)
- Fixed vulnerability issue with latest Google Captcha

Version 4.9 (29-Dec-2015)
- Login Integration with Linkedin

Version 4.8 (05-Nov-2015)
- New feature - Configurable send email notification when answer is submitted

Version 4.7.1 (23-Oct-2015)
- Fixed issue with submitting question.

Version 4.7 (25-Sep-2015)
- Made compatible with latest WordPress V4.3.1
Version 4.6 (31-July-2015)
- Look & feel changes in admin panel
Version 4.5 (09-July-2015)
- Added language support
Version 4.4 (18-Jun-2015)
- Fixed issue with WP-SpamShield plugin and edit profile
- Menu tabs getting repeated issue (admin setttings page) is been fixed
Version 4.3.1 (29-May-2015)
- Fixed issue with Facebook login and twitter image (on login/signup page)
Version 4.3 (08-May-2015)
- Fixes for responsivness
Version 4.2 (24-Apr-2015)
- Now users can upload image while submitting questions
Version 4.1 (19-Dec-2014)
- Added social login Google+
Version 4.0 (01-Aug-2014)
- Yahoo Answers API has been replaced with Stack Exchange API - Added WordPress Multisite compatibility
Version 3.7.5 (27-Jun-2014)
- Added Moderate Signup Requests feature - Added Thank you message feature - Added Email Validation – Along with captcha, user’s emails will also be validated post this version
Version 3.7.4 (06-Jun-2014)
- Added option to restrict the number of responses for a question - Added option to limit the number of characters in an answer
Version 3.7.3 (13-May-2014)
- Enabled campaign editing in yahoo answers tab - Fixed question display issue with WP Answers theme
Version 3.7.2 (21-Apr-2014)
- Improved the question display with themes other than the default WP-Answers theme - Fixed downloading theme export code issue
Version 3.7.1 (04-Apr-2014)
- Fixed issue for removing urls which were getting printed in footer, Sign-up page and Top users page
Version 3.7 (25-Mar-2014)
- Added WordPress 3.8.1 compatibility - All deprecated functions have been replaced. Errors and warnings related to this have been eliminated
Version 3.6 (28-Jan-2014)
- Comment Voting Bug – Upvotes and Downvotes now added to correct comment author rather than person voting - Best Answer Bug – A WordPress version change allowed anyone to select best answer so we have fixed this - Pending Questions – When new user level is set to subscriber, any questions submitted go into a pending state and must be manually approved
Version 3.5 (15-Oct-2013)
- Fixed User Levels – Choose which user level can answer questions so you can limit to Admin-Only etc - Fixed PayPal Payments – You can now charge people money for submitting a question and automatically accept payment via PayPal
Version 3.4 (02-Jul-2013)
- Fixed Twitter Login – Twitter changed their API which was preventing users logging in - Fixed Categories Widget Fixed – The category widget bundled with WP-Answers directed to a broken URL
Version 3.3 (13-Mar-2013)
- Fixed Twitter Login bug – all users were logged in as same user - Fixed User Signup bug – some users were being assigned wrong password - Other small fixes
Version 3.1 (28-Dec-2012)
- Fixed reCaptcha was allowing incorrect codes to be submitted - Fixed Error : “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class WP_Admin_Bar” was appearing when using “Post Now” - Fixed Top Users Profile Links - Fixed Profile Links in Comments - Fixed Yahoo Answers users had same avatars in comment threads - Fixed Yahoo Answers API key was saving but not showing in admin - Logo upload fixed - Users could submit empty questions, now title and description required
Version 3.0 (05-Dec-2012)
- Made WP-Answers responsive - Added built-in support for reCaptcha by Google - Improved admin panel




  • Use on unlimited WordPress sites
  • Get support & updates for 1 year
  • 30-day money back guarantee