WP Local Plus

Auto-pulls data from Google to build a local business directory website.

WordPress Local Business Directory Plugin

“WP Local Plus works differently. By pulling data from Google you can create a directory almost instantly whereas normally you would spend weeks or months trying to fill your directory with data.

Kevin Muldoon, WPHub.com

Use WP Local Plus To Quickly Create A Local Business Directory

Import businesses from Google Places

Import businesses from City Grid (US)

Manually add/edit businesses

Monetize with featured businesses

Show businesses with Google Maps

Show business as a list view

Show business deals & offers

Show business ratings & reviews

Advanced business search tool

United States Version

Canada Version

International Version

More Praise For WP Local Plus


“WP Local Plus is an automated, WordPress plugin for creating content packed dynamic local business directories. Make sure you notice the word ‘automated’. Yes, you actually don’t need to create any data manually”

Jean Galea, WPMayor.com


“WP Local Plus is a completely automated, WordPress plugin with which you can create content filled, local business directories. Besides listings, it’s possible to include reviews, coupon offers and Google Maps integration, and more.

Aigars Silkalns, ColorLib.com


“I have been using the WP Local Plus for about 3 weeks now and find it to be one of the best plugins out there. It makes it easy to build your site or use it as an add on to your existing site. Support has been great so far.I would highly recommend this plugin to anyone wanting to add reviews to there site.

Mike Gray, Jean Micheals Marketing

All The WP Local Plus Features

  • Google Places support: Import businesses from Google Places. Save hours of work adding new businesses.
  • City Grid support: Import businesses from City Grid (for US only). Save hours of work adding new businesses.
  • Manual mode support: Manually add, remove or update businesses, just like you would with WordPress blog posts & pages.
  • Detailed business information: Shows business name, location, reviews, ratings, photos and contact details.
  • Google Maps support: Integrates fully with Google Maps to show the business place and nearby places in a map view.
  • Monetize featured businesses: Mark businesses as featured to show them at the top of the list. Earn money from featured businesses.
  • Deals & offers: Show business deals and offers.
  • Reviews & Ratings: Show business reviews and ratings.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with the latest PHP & WordPress versions.
  • Regularly updated: Plugin is updated regularly so you can get the latest plugin features and fixes.

Change Log

Version 6.0 (13 September 2019)
- Feature : Custom post type for places.
- Fix : Auto-updates for the plugin.
- Fix : Notices and javascript errors.

Version 5.20 (07 August 2019)
- Fix: Hide Ratings, Photos, and Reviews from Google API listings if empty
- Fix: Get correct review count for Google API listings
- Fix: Gmap on top not rendering issue for Google API listings
- Fix: map not rendering issue for Google API listings

Version 5.19 (29 July 2019)
- Fix : location issue for wplocalplus and allcity
- Fix : Popup content issue

Version 5.18 (10 May 2019)
- Added: New feature to customise the allcity list

Version 5.17 (13 November 2018)
- Added: New feature to get the business list from zip code of the city

Version 5.16 (29 October 2018)
- Fix : Search not working on the result page

Version 5.15 (31 August 2018)
- Fix : Images not displayed from [localplus] shortcode
- Fix : Business listing not display from with php v7.1
- Fix : 404 error for maps
- Fix : [allcity] shortcode not working on page refresh

Version 5.14 (14 June 2018)
- Added: New feature for auto updation of plugin

Version 5.13.1 (28 December 2017)
- Update: Made Mobile Responsive

Version 5.13 (26 September 2017)
- Update: Made compatible with WordPress v4.8.2
- Update: Made compatible with PHP v7.0

Version 5.12.4 (16 June 2017)
- Fix: Issue related to the php notices and warnings.

Version 5.12.3 (30 May 2017)
- Fix: Issue related to business list backend preview.
- Fix: Issue of number of results for wplocalplus shortcode[wplocalplus].
- Fix: Issue of updation of Business list on page.
- Fix: Frondend display message issue.

Version 5.12.2 (10 May 2017)
- Update: Enhanced look and feel for search shortcode.

Version 5.12.1 (08 May 2017)
- Fix: Link issue of feature adds.

Version 5.12.0 (04 May 2017)
- Feature: To control number of listings for [allcity] shortcode

Version 5.11 (24 November 2016)
- Fix: HTML issues
- Fix: Remove curl call

Version 5.10 (21 September 2016)
- Update: Enhanced front end look and feel
- Fix: Issue with responsiveness and div structures

Version 5.9.1 (13 September 2016)
- Fix: Font should be used as per theme
- Fix: Minor changes in look and feel

Version 5.9 (29 August 2016)
- Update: Made compatible to Google API changes for maps

Version 5.8 (10 December 2015)
- Feature: Administrator Control to add/remove cities for [allcity]

Version 5.7 (18 September 2015)
- Fix: Google sorting & maps issue

Version 5.6 (08 October 2015)
- Update: Enhanced admin look and feel

Version 5.5 (26 June 2015)
- Added: integration with Google API , so you can choose between CityGrid / Google integration.

Version 5.4 (23 April 2015)
- Added: option for admin to enter publisher key (This is required to fetch listings)

Version 5.3 (06 January 2015)
- Added: new feature for coupons category. Now it is possible to display coupons category wise

Version 5.2 (01 January 2015)
- Added: new feature for coupons. Coupon list can be added and displayed with shortcode -[wplocalplus_showcoupons]
- Fix: Date Picker Issue.

Version 5.1 (03 December 2014)
- Fix: Issue with ShadowBox background on popup.

Version 5.0 (25 July 2014)
- Fix: Issues in the zip code search functionality from the earlier versions
- Fix: Bug reported about the bubble element

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