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WordPress Giveaway Plugin for the contest

The Best way to encourage subscriptions is by giving them with giveaways. Zoom Your Social Marketing by offering a giveaway for tweets, shares, likes of your WordPress site, product or services.WordPress Giveaways can be a great option to accelerate the growth of your mailing list.Go Viral with the ultimate WPRaffle - WordPress Giveaway Plugin.

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Top Features

Select entry type

The plugin offers multiple ways for users to participate in the giveaway contest. Four main options available are liking a Facebook page, Tweeting a message, Following a twitter account or Subscribing to a mailing list. You will also have the ability to add multiple prizes for a single giveaway contest.

Easy integration with the Mailing list

WPRaffle is fully integrated with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and Aweber. You can add visitors data to increase your mailing list and for future reference. It also helps to increase likes on your facebook page or increase followers on twitter. Moreover, you can select the start and end date time for the giveaway contest.

Quick registration process

After setting up the plugin from the admin dashboard it becomes easy for website visitors, who wish to participate in the giveaway contest to register through social media. WPRaffle also allows tracking participant details.

Winners in a click

Choose winners either automatically or manually from all the registration done through WPRaffle plugin.

WPRaffle WordPress Giveaway Plugin is a great way to let your community know that they are appreciated. 
Easiest way to give a giveaway! Start building your community with WordPress Raffle Plugin.

What’s in WordPress Raffle Plugin for YOU?


raffle wordpress giveaway plugin

Setup Awesome Giveaways on your site within minutes with WordPress Raffle Plugin.

raffle wordpress plugin

WordPress Giveaway Plugin

1. Select entry type

Select any one option for users to enter the contest

Options available:

- Liking a Facebook Page

- tweeting a message

- Following a twitter account

- Subscribing to a mailing list.


2. Add visitor data in any Mailing Software.

Integrate with Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor and Aweber.

This will lead to the easy compilation of all the visitor database information for future reference.

Helps in increasing your mailing list.


3. Easy Setup for social media

Get more likes and share on Facebook fan page.

Gain more twitter followers and increase your subscribers mailing list.


4. Select timing

a, 'Times New Roman', 'Bitstream Charter', Times, serif;"> Select start and end time of the contest.


5. Export Data

Export the entire list of participants and entries to the Mailing database once the giveaway is over and use data for future reference. 


6. Auto validation

Auto Validation Of Facebook and Twitter URLs which participants will add to take part in the WordPress Giveaway. 


7. Winners can be Chosen in a Click

From all the registrations that are done for the Raffle content, you can choose a winner automatically or manually.


8. Add Multiple Prizes

Add multiple prizes for a single giveaway.


9. Quick and Easy Registration Process

For any of the website visitors, it will be extremely easy to register for giveaways through social media and in turn also promote your WordPress site on various Social platforms.


10. Easy Setup


11. Track Participant entries

Track detailed stats of the participants.


12. Setup Giveaways

Through WordPress admin dashboard.


13. Complete new layout

Makes the plugin much better


14. Add Giveaways with one Shortcode -

just one click process to send giveaways.


The Best way to encourage subscriptions is by giving them with giveaways.

Go Viral with the ultimate WPRaffle - WordPress Giveaway Plugin

Zoom Your Social Marketing by offering a giveaway for tweets, shares, likes of your WordPress site, product or services.

WordPress Giveaways can be a great option to accelerate the growth of your mailing list.

How do I host Giveaway Plugin on my WordPress Site ?

Step 1: Enter your giveaways(Prizes)

Step 2: Select entry type for a user to participate in your giveaway.


Options available:

  1. Liking a Facebook page
  2. Tweeting a message
  3. Following a twitter account
  4. Subscribing to a mailing list

Step 3: And! LAUNCH! (Your Giveaway is ready and live)

Step 4: Now, randomly Choose winners in a single click or manually select winners.


Note: You can export CSV of your user data. 


Do I need to have knowledge about Coding to use WPRaffle Plugin to run a giveaway in WordPress?

Not at All! Just enter giveaway details and launch. No coding required.


version 1.10 (22-June-2018)
- Add New feature of auto update
- Made compatible with PHP v7.1

version 1.9.6 (26-Feb-2018)
 - Added Preview option in admin panel.

version 1.9.5 (22-May-2017)
- Change look and feel and fix facebook issue.

version 1.9.4 (02-Feb-2017)
-Fixed minor bugs in this WordPress Giveaway Plugin

version 1.9.3 (14-Nov-2016)
-Removed Wpeka Login Form

version 1.9.2 (24-Oct-2016)
- User role fixes.

version 1.9.1 (27-Sep-2016)
- Improved user interface for buttons
version 1.9 (24-Aug-2016)
- Changed the 'Add Prize' display

version 1.8 (18-Aug-2016)
- Made design changes in WPRaffle to give it a modern look
- Fixed Facebook and Twitter validation issues
- Fixed entries count issue

Version 1.7 (2-May-2016)
- Resolved Facebook login issue and twitter follow issue

Version 1.6 (1-April-2016)
- Look and Feel changes

Version 1.5 (24-Sept-2015)
- Added clone feature for raffle

Version 1.4 (23-july-2015)
- Added language support

Version 1.3 (11-jun-2015)
- Added auto update feature
Version 1.2 (29-May-2015)
- Changes in look and feel of frontend and backend of the plugin
Version 1.1 (12-Feb-2015)
- Fixed conflict issues with LazyMag theme
Version 1.0 (05-Sep-2014)
- Initial version