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A complete WordPress advertising plugin

WP AdCenter

Top Features

Unlimited Ad Zones

Have as many Ad Zones as you want on your WordPress website – Ad Zones helps to display the banners advertisement on your site. The Ad Zones can one banner at a time that rotates, or the can hold multiple banners which display at the same time.

Unlimited Campaigns

A campaign is one set of banners running within an Ad Zone – create as many campaigns as you like so you can carry out testing to see which is the most effective. You can set automatic start and end dates for your campaigns.

Easy Ad Zone Placement

We offer 3 methods to place the Ad Zones into your WordPress theme. With a Shortcode – Paste a Shortcode in any Post or Page Into Theme Files – Paste a PHP snippet anywhere in your WordPress Theme With a Widget – Drop a widget anywhere in your theme where they are supported.


Easy to Add your Media

You can easily place your Google AdSense banner or AdSense code or any other kind of media using the easy add a banner screen, upload one from your computer, link to a banner online or simply paste in the code your ad network has given you.

Offer Advertising for Sale

Offer advertisers the opportunity to purchase advertising directly on your site, simply create what packages you would like to offer – either time-based (eg monthly) or impression based. Then drop a shortcode into a page on your site and WP AdCenter will create a signup form for advertisers.

Detailed Statistics

You can view a graph for the statistics for every campaign you create, the graph shows impressions and clicks on the same chart so you can compare. You can easily download the chart as an a.PNG file or print it from the stats screen.

  • Detailed statistics of your ads
  • Automatically collect payment
  • Get full control with campaign scheduler
  • Fully responsive
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • No limit for ad sizes
  • Track your CTR
  • Export your campaign data


What’s so good about WP AdCenter?


WP AdCenter is a simple ad manager plugin for your WordPress Site with some features mentioned below.

Advanced Ads Manager Plugin For WordPress

And more…


Basic Question:

How to monetize traffic on your WordPress site?

WP AdCenter with its advanced ads management system helps you to convert your traffic into your daily revenue. You can post ads in size and place of your choice with no restriction. One of the important features on WpAdCenter is that it provides detailed statistics for every campaign you create. Which helps you in analyzing your progress.
So let’s monetize your WordPress Website with WPAdCenter now.

So let’s monetize your WordPress Website with WPAdCenter now.

Run your various advertising networks like:

  • Advertising in the form of affiliate banners
  • Google Adsense
  • Chitika

You can also offer advertising spots for sale on your site – it’s all possible with WP Adcenter.

Complete Features List Of Advanced Ads Manager Plugin For WordPress:

1. Automatically Collect Payment

Advertisers can pay online using Paypal IPN, you will receive an email notification when an order is received and you can choose whether to accept or deny it.


2. Advertisers Can View Their Stats Online

Once you approve an advertisers order, they will receive an email with a username and password and they can log in to your site and check a graph of their stats so they can see how their campaign is going.


3. Set person Impressions –Set no of impressions per person


4. Auto Refresh your ads on a page


5. Transaction effects – Add different effects to your ads like -fadezoom, blindX, blindY and many more


6. Enable impressions – Set impression counts for ads


7. Paypal Integrated – Accept payments from the dashboard


8. Responsive – Mobile and desktop


9. All size advertisement – Choose any size of your choice for your banners


10. Check stats to know how each advert is performing


11. Complete stats – yearly, monthly, daily


12. Click – Through – Rate – Track the no of times the banner is clicked


13. Camping Schedule – Select proper time to schedule the campaigns


14. Exports of statistics – Export an Excel sheet of a statistics report


15. Multiple banners per AdZone


16. Show multiple ads at a time in a row, column or grid


17. Auto – Disable Ads – after they expire


18. Use shortcodes, widgets or PHP to put ads on your site

WP Ad Center


  • Use on unlimited websites
  • Automatic product updates
  • Private, priority support
  • 30-day money back guarantee

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