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Do you know a mistake which over 87% of websites are doing? They don’t have proper legal pages on their websites. WPLegalPages helps you create attorney-level privacy policies to make your website compliant in different countries.

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WPLegalPages Pro is a Legal Pages Generator WordPress Plugin.

You can easily generate and add legal policy pages within minutes. Just enter your business details & click save to generate 25+ policy pages required for any type of website. WP Legal Pages Pro supports multi-language translations for wizard policy templates like French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese.

Using this plugin, you can also generate an Impressum which is legally required on all commercial websites published in German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). It is essentially a statement of ownership and authorship which generally contains information like- Name of the website owner, Valid contact information, Name of supervising authority, etc.

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“If you have been spending sleepless nights wondering if your site is compliant with all the policy content that your Ad Networks or Affiliate Vendors expect, then all you need to do is grab a copy of WP Legal Pages & rest easy.”

Save hours of work & hundreds of dollars in consultation fees

Set up 25+ expert vetted Policy Pages in just one-click…

Privacy & Cookie Policies (GDPR, ePrivacy)

Website Terms & Conditions, Terms of Service

California Consumers Privacy Act (CCPA)

Affiliate Disclosure Statement

Returns & Refunds Policy

Facebook Privacy Policy

External Linking Policy

Anti Spam Policy (CASL compliant)

Integrates With Your Favorite Form Plugins

WP Legal Pages displays a privacy policy link next to the consent checkbox of your favorite WordPress form plugins.

Why Users ❤️ WP Legal Pages Pro?

“WP Legal Pages is a dead-simple WordPress Plugin that helps you set up legal policy pages for your WordPress website, in less than 5 minutes.”


“Great idea and time saver. I had to get it. I installed it and edited the pages on one of my sites. It was super easy to install and edit.”

Julio Mario

“It’s a very intuitive and super fast plugin to setup and implement. In just a few steps, I had a complete set of legal pages on my sites.”

Kate Saunders

“WPLegalPages makes it really easy to make the legal pages that are becoming more and more required. The templates that are built into it are definitely great and I like the short codes as well.”

Adam Teece

“If you are in the business of building out sites for clients or affiliate sites for yourself, this will save a ton of time creating these necessary pages and keep your butt out of legal trouble.”

Ty Bohanon

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Need GDPR Compliance For Third-Party Cookies?

WP Legal Pages creates policy pages that you can edit just like normal WordPress posts and pages. To comply with the GDPR cookie policy, you’ll need to add a third-party cookie audit table to your privacy or cookie policy page.

You can do this by using a cookie scanner plugin that generates a cookie table of all cookies set by the softwares used on your website. We recommend that you use the WP GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin which can easily and  automatically insert the required 3rd party cookie details on the policy pages generated using your WP Legal Pages Plugin.

Latest Updates

California Privacy Policy (CCPA) - 2020

Generate the 2020 compliant CCPA & CalOPPA privacy policy. This policy helps you comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act resolution.

Updated: Terms & Privacy Policy Wizards

Use our new Guided Wizard style interface to generate custom policy pages in a just a few clicks.

Auto Terms Generator Wizard
Auto Terms Generator

Updated: Forced Agreement (Consent)

Get your visitors to agree to website terms, privacy or any other policy before they can view use your website using modal popups.



Yes, You can choose any existing Privacy Policy created to appear in a Popup. 

Yes, In the Popup settings, you can enable the privacy policy as mandatory to be accepted before the visitor can browse. 

Yes, When using the Wizard to generate the privacy policy, you can select that your website runs Google Ads. This will generate the relevant clauses for Google Adsense. This is also applicable for Google Ads (Adwords).

Change Log

= Version 8.1.2 (11 August 2020) = 
- Feature: Added Impressum policy template in wizard.
- Feature: Added language support for policy templates created using Wizard.

= Version 8.1.1 (15 July 2020) =
- Updated: Improved wizard for Privacy policy.

= Version 8.1.0 (15 June 2020) =
- Feature: Wizard to create customized Returns and Refunds Policy page.

= Version 8.0.9 (01 June 2020) =
- Feature: Added WPML compatibility.
- Update: Support for WordPress multisite integration.
- Update: Added support link on API Activation error notice.

= Version 8.0.8 (07 May 2020) =
- Feature: Added Affiliate Disclosure Gutenberg block.
- Update: WordPress 5.4.1 compatibility.
- Fix: Plugin frontend performance and theme customizer issues.
- Fix: Reworked on table creation issue on plugin activation.

= Version 8.0.7 (28 April 2020) = 
- Feature: Add privacy links in Contact forms. (Compatible with Contact Form7, WPForms, Gravity Forms)
- Feature: Added Returns and Refunds policy templates - No refunds, Digital goods, Physical goods, Perishable goods.
- Update: Amazon Affiliate Disclosure template.
- Fix: Table creation issue on plugin activation.

= Version 8.0.6 (14 February 2020) = 
- Feature: Guided wizard to have a custom privacy policy depending on type of blog or website.

= Version 8.0.5 (10 February 2020) = 
- Update: Templates and minor plugin updates.

= Version 8.0.4 (31 January 2020) = 
- Feature: Added Disclaimer templates for French and German Translations.

= Version 8.0.3 (14 January 2020) = 
- Feature: Generate French and German privacy policies.

= Version 8.0.2 (20 December 2019) = 
- Update: Improved compatibility with WordPress 5.3.2.

= Version 8.0.1 (18 December 2019) = 
- Feature: Wizard to create custom CCPA (California GDPR) policy template page.

= Version 8.0.0 (17 December 2019) =
- Feature: Wizard to generate custom Terms & Conditions/ Terms of Service pages for different WordPress sites (Blog, SAAS, eCommerce).

= Version 7.7 (10 December 2019) = 
- Feature: Generate California Consumer Privacy Act - CCPA Policy - 2020 compliant.

= Version 7.5 (30 September 2019) =
- Update: Code quality updates as per WordPress standards.
- Fix: Update option to exclude legal pages from search.
- Update: Improve W3C HTML compliance.

= Version 7.3 (11 September 2019) =
- Update: Tested compatibility with WordPress 5.2.3.

= Version 7.2 (03 September 2019) =
- Fix: Legal pages template edit issue.
- Fix: Minor design fixes for Legal Pages Popup (Privacy policy in popups).

= Version 7.1 (28 August 2019) =
- Fix: Autoupdates for Legal Pages plugin.
- Fix: Filter for Legal Template count.
- Fix: Minor fixes in Generation of Affiliate Agreement.
- Fix: Shortcode integration issue in popups for WP pages.

= Version 6.1 (24 July 2019) =
- Features: GDPR Cookie Notice Policy and GDPR Privacy Policy.

= Version 6.0 (15 July 2019) =
- Updated: Generation functionality for Amazon Affiliate Policy.

= Version 5.9 (21 June 2019) =
- Updated: Admin menu for Cookies.
- Updated: Made compatible with WordPress 5.2+.

= Version 5.8 (7 May 2019) =
- Updated: Seamless integration with WP Legal Pages Cookie Consent Plugin Addon.

= Version 5.7 (15 March 2019) =
- Added: Editor for Age Verification content (Admin side) =
- Added: New option for Age Verification (Buttons) =

= Version 5.6 (26 October 2018) =
- Fixed: activation issue

= Version 5.5 (10 September 2018) =
- Added: Template of Confidentiality Disclosure

= Version 5.4 (27 August 2018) =
- Added: Feature of age verification

= Version 5.3 (21 June 2018) =
- Added: Auto update for future = Versions
- Added: Template for cookie policy

= Version 5.2 (24 May 2018) =
- Updated: EU cookie template and Privacy policy template

= Version 5.1 (08 Dec 2017) =
- Added: Template - Returns & Refund Policy
- Updated: Compatible with WordPress v4.9.1
- Updated: Compatible with PHP v7.0

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