WP Local Plus

Auto-pulls data from Google to build a local business directory website.

WordPress Local Business Directory Plugin

“WP Local Plus works differently. By pulling data from Google you can create a directory almost instantly whereas normally you would spend weeks or months trying to fill your directory with data.

Kevin Muldoon, WPHub.com

Use WP Local Plus To Quickly Create A Local Business Directory

Auto Import from Google

Auto Import from City Grid

Manually Add / Modify Listing

One click - Featured listing

Rich Google Maps

Monetize your directories

Showcase offers

Automated ratings & reviews

Advanced Search for Users

Premium Support

Kickstart your site

Works for all countries

More Praise For WP Local Plus


“WP Local Plus is an automated, WordPress plugin for creating content packed dynamic local business directories. Make sure you notice the word ‘automated’. Yes, you actually don’t need to create any data manually”

Jean Galea, WPMayor.com


“WP Local Plus is a completely automated, WordPress plugin with which you can create content filled, local business directories. Besides listings, it’s possible to include reviews, coupon offers and Google Maps integration, and more.

Aigars Silkalns, ColorLib.com


“I have been using the WP Local Plus for about 3 weeks now and find it to be one of the best plugins out there. It makes it easy to build your site or use it as an add on to your existing site. Support has been great so far.I would highly recommend this plugin to anyone wanting to add reviews to there site.

Mike Gray, Jean Micheals Marketing

All The WP Local Plus Features

Change Log

== Version 7.0.2 (Released on 06-04-2021) ==
- Fix: Import Google places issue.

== Version 7.0.1 (Released on 25-11-2020) ==
- Fix: Minor bugs fixed within the plugin.

== Version 7.0.0 (Released on 12-06-2020) ==
- Update: Checkbox option to select listing entries for import.
- Fix: Improve backend screen for preview result on business listing page.
- Fix: Conflict with Custom Post Type UI plugin.

== Version 6.9 (Released on 29-05-2020) ==
- Feature: Added Gutenberg block for allcity shortcode.
- Update: Conditional loading of assets on frontend.
- Fix: Minor plugin bugs fixed.

== Version 6.8 (Released on 04-04-2020) == 
- Fix: Allcity shortcode popup rendering issue on frontend.

== Version 6.7 (Released on 27-02-2020) ==
- Fix: Allcity shortcode maps rendering issue on frontend.

== Version 6.6 (Released on 18.02.2020) == 
- Fix: Allcity shortcode rendering.

== Version 6.5 (Released on 07.02.2020) == 
- Feature: Add listings for multiple locations.

== Version 6.4 (Released on 05.11.2019) == 
- Feature: Sort functionality for listing on frontend.
- Fix: Lite and Pro activation issue.
- Fix: Reviews count not showing correctly for Places after adding new Reviews.

== Version 6.3 (Released on 18.10.2019) ==
- Feature: Added Menus for place types and locations taxonomies.
- Feature: Featured ads script.
- Update: Google Map field instead of latitude/longitude in admin area for Custom post - Places.

== Version 6.2 (Released on 07.10.2019) ==
- Feature: Custom post type for Google Reviews.
- Update: Fetching Reviews for Places.
- Update: Improved frontend for Places and Reviews.
- Fix: Google API call.

== Version 6.1 (Released on 23.09.2019) ==
- Feature: Custom post type for Reviews.
- Update: 1 Plugin for all countries
- Fix: Minor frontend display fixes.

== Version 6.0 (Released on 13.09.2019) ==
- Feature : Custom post type for places.
- Feature : Ability to manually add or modify listings

== Version 5.20 (Released on 07.08.2019) ==
- Get correct review count for Google API listings.
- Improved map rendering for Google API listings.

== Version 5.18 (Released on 10.05.2019) ==
- Added new feature to customise the allcity list.

WP Local Plus

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