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Ultimate SiloStorm - WordPress Silo Theme for SEO


Build WordPress websites on the unique SILO SEO techniques and maximize the internal linking power of your content!

Do you want to survive each update the Google rolls out?

You need to give Google what it needs!

What exactly does Google need, you ask? It needs RELEVANT content on each and every page it crawls!

In this competitive world, how can your produce content that's unique and relevant??


The answer to this is SILOING!

What is the Silo SEO technique and why you should care?

The way your site is structured affects your SERP positions. If you learn to leverage the Silo SEO technique, you will be able to rank your site for hundreds of keywords.

The Silo SEO technique helps in creating strong keyword themes that assist in ranking higher for lots of keywords. It does so by structuring a website in a way that it is better accessible by the search engines and therefore ranked higher.
Below is an excellent example of the Silo SEO Architecture:



Google supremo Matt Cutts vouches for Siloing: 

“Check and make sure that you have a good architecture, you’ve got a homepage with well linked static links going to the individual pages of your site, something like a tree like structure that leads to the individual pages can be good, make sure that the pages that are important are just maybe one or two links from your Home Page so that the page rank is still relatively high there.”

Source – YouTube

(That's what a well-silo'ed website does.)



There's a major problem with WordPress.

Many WordPress themes automatically include linkages which will BREAK all the attempts at creating Keyword Themed Silos.

The links to a tag, category, author, date archives weaken valuable internal linking amongst non-relevant pages. Sidebar widgets such as Recent Posts will ruin all your attempts to create silos as they have no context to your post content.



SiloStorm provides you with the tools which are needed to create Keyword themed Silo Websites and solve all the Silo troubles that WordPress has our way.  You will not need to install and configure complex plugins. It's compatible with regular Categories and Posts or with the WordPress page Hierarchy.

in-silo-labelled - WordPress silo seo technique

Key Features of WordPress Silo Theme:

  • Supports SILO SEO techniques
  • Can be used as a regular theme
  • 21 Bootstrap styles to choose from
  • Custom CSS
  • 9 Ad widget positions