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Click Missile - AdSense & Advertising WordPress Plugin


Your go-to WordPress advertising plugin

Click Missile is a very useful plugin which lets you add buy buttonsemail signup scripts, in-content banner ads and more to selected posts and pages.


It helps to get more ad clicks by proper placement of ad on your page. It is a precision ad and script insertion plugin for increased AdSense revenue.


What Click Missile does for you:

  • It helps to place your AdSense ads at the most appropriate place where it will get most clicks i.e. improved CTR.
  • It allows you to have full control over the ads placement and scripts that show in the content or sidebars.
  • It detects the device on which the ads is displayed and adjusts the ad accordingly. It has active mobile ad switching functionality.
  • It is not just an advertising plugin but you can any kind of script or HTML snippet into your posts.

Key Features :

  • Easy & Quick Ad Creation in just a few clicks
  • Automatically switch Ads suitable for hand-held devices (tablets & smartphones)
  • Integrates with Google Analytics AdSense Split Testing Experiments
  • Shortcodes for In-content Ad placement
  • Ad widgets with 5 in-content Ad positions

click missile ad and script insertion plugin

Super easy ad creation

Click Missile helps you create ads which is as easy as creating WordPress post. Apart from creating ads, it also allows you to add any kind of script or HTML code snippet into your posts.



It includes a super ad widget which helps you control on which pages, posts or categories you want your ad to be displayed. Apart from that there are many customization settings which you can do through it.




Super Ad Widget settings:

  • Display ad widget for all major WordPress template types
  • Display ad widget on individual pages and posts
  • Display ad widget on posts with specified categories or tags
  • Display ad widget on a specified category or tag archive
  • Widget titles can be set (or turned off)
  • Alternate mobile ad settings


Mobile detection and ad switching

Desktop ads are not suitable for mobile phones. Hence, Click Missile comes with a mobile detection system and shows proper ads by doing ad switching.



Shortcodes for in-content ad placement

Click Missile provides you with shortcodes which you can use to place inside your content where ever you want.


The Click Missile Ad button sits right in the WordPress editor. It helps you directly inject a shortcode in your page or post.




Once you click on the button, a dialogue box will be displayed like this-




Ads Button features:

  • Insert WordPress Shortcodes direct into page or post
  • Ads alignment - left, right, center, float-left, float-right or none.
  • Mobile Ads sizes


Integrated with Google AdSense experiments

Google AdSense experiments are a great way to increase CTR. We have integrated experiments in Click Missile so your AdSense ads will be shown as you want.


Complete features:

  • Easiest way to place ads and scripts inside your content
  • Powerful ad widget to control placement of ads and scripts in content and sidebars
  • Targeting ads to specific categories via widgets for posts
  • Automatic mobile detection and ad switching
  • Google AdSense split testing integration
  • Easy to add to scripts for buttons, email signup in posts
  • Shortcodes available for in-content ad placement