WP Halloween

A WordPress Halloween Plugin To Create Spooky Effects

WP Halloween - A WordPress Halloween Plugin

“Want to surprise (or shock) your website visitors with spooky pumpkins like me, ghosts and bats? You need to get this plugin. Create spooky animation effects on your website using the WP Halloween plugin.”

The Spooky Pumpkin

WP Halloween – A WordPress Halloween Plugin

WP Halloween is a fun plugin to engage your website visitors with awesome looking Halloween effects on your WordPress website.

WordPress Halloween Pumpkin Effects

Pumpkin Animations

Halloween Ghost Animations

Ghost Animations

Halloween Bats Animation

Bat Animations

Lightweight Plugin

Beautiful Animations

Easy To Install & Use

Halloween is around. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to surprise (read – shock) your site visitors with WP Halloween Effects.

It creates funny flying bats, ghosts and pumpkins for your WordPress site.

Really easy to setup!

Key Features:

  • Creepy flying bats: Experience creepy little bats fly all over your site
  • Scary ghosts: Showcase ghosts roam around your site
  • Floating pumpkins: Display evil looking pumpkins
  • Lightweight plugin: Doesn’t slow down your website
  • Easy to use: WP Halloween plugin is super easy to setup & use

Floating Pumpkins

Add cute looking, spooky pumpkins to your WordPress website with this effect.

Scary Ghosts

Add spooky ghost animations to your WordPress website with this effect.

Creepy Flying Bats

Get bats to fly across your screen with this effect.

WP Halloween

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