Carousel FX

WordPress Carousel Plugin

Carousel FX – Lightweight & easy to use Responsive WordPress Carousel Plugin.

Powerful, minimal loading impact & versatile Carousel Plugin.

It is a touch enabled WordPress plugin that lets you create highly customizable, stylish responsive carousel.

Ideal for portfolio and WooCommerce products. Convert your website into a captivating media-rich one.


 Powerful Carousel Features

  • Create carousel from featured images, posts or custom posts.
  • Support multiple content types (Images, Videos, Links)
  • Show single item or Multiple Items
  • Responsive display (carousel works on different devices – Desktop, Mobile, Tablets, Laptops)
  • Adaptive height display (Enable Auto Height)
  • Adjust width and height of carousel images
  • Control the gap between slides (For Multiple Item Slider)
  • Lazy loading (User Speed Experience of website is not impacted by Carousel FX)
  • Auto play of carousel images
  • Add carousel in the widget area.
  • Enable different effects like Fading
  • Easy navigation icons for next/previous slides
  • Accessibility ready – you can use tabs or keyboard to move between slides
  • Enable RTL (Right to Left Slides)
  • Control AutoPlay speed
  • Infinite scroll /loop sliding
  • Auto generate shortcodes – Use carousel on any page
  • Woocommerce compatible – Display customer testimonial as a carousel on your checkout page to convert more…
  • Different layouts – LightBox, Portfolio, Top navigation, normal carousel & image with description

Use Carousel FX To –

  • Images carousel using gallery image
  • Display different content – videos and post content
  • Easily show your work portfolio
  • WooCommerce products carousel
  • Using it as widget

Fully Responsive Carousel Plugin

Build attractive carousels that are fully responsive and is compatible with all browsers.


Responsive WordPress Carousel Plugin


Multiple Layouts For Responsive WordPress Image Carousel

Organize your slides into multiple slideshows.

5 built-in layouts – LightBox, Portfolio, Top Navigation, Normal Carousel & Image with description.


Responsive WordPress Carousel Plugin

Autoplay functionality

Set the WordPress carousel plugin to auto-play. Set interval between slides, choose pause on hover to stop the particular slide temporarily.

Responsive WordPress Carousel Plugin


Multiple carousels in one page

Easily create, manage and embed multiple carousels on a post or a page. Add images or videos inside multiple sliders to show it all.

Responsive WordPress Carousel Plugin

Use Carousel FX –Responsive Image Carousel For WordPress to create beautiful and easy carousels.

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Version 1.5 (29.06.2018)
Added plugin menu for auto-update

Version 1.4.1 (11.14.2016)
-Removed Wpeka Login Form
Version 1.4 (05.13.2016)
-Added new features such as: Rewind carousel, Autoplay, Pause on hover, Autoplay Interval, SlideSpeed and Lazyload.
-Improved Upload media Option for carouselfx -Responsive WordPress Carousel Plugin  .

Version 1.3 (05.11.2015)
-Integrated with WPeka Admin Plugin

Version 1.2 (06.7.2015)
- Added auto-update ( Ability to receive update notifications and update the plugin from your dashboard)
Version 1.1 (09.1.2015)
- Added Video Upload option for all layouts.

Version 1.0 (24.9.2014)
- Initial Version of Carousel FX -WordPress carousel Plugin.


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Carousel FX


  • Use on unlimited WordPress sites
  • Get support & updates for 1 year
  • 30-day money back guarantee
Version : 1.5